A detail review of Love and Monster 2020 film on 9kmovies

A little adventure film with a giant monster reminds us of the need for courage in the real world. No matter how scary and dangerous life can be, there is no excuse for not living it to the fullest, much less not living it.


Seven years after Earth was turned into an apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by giant insects and reptiles, survivor Joel (Dillon O'Brien) is finally reunited with his long-lost girlfriend Amy (Jessica Henwick). He's useless when it comes to killing monsters, and her underground colony is 80 miles away from his. However, he is determined to be with her again on 9kmovies and bring back what they had. He faces the monsters in the name of love.

Don't settle for an imperfect life - even if it is the apocalypse

In a word, it's a refreshing adventure and gripping entertainment. Joel meets a friendly dog who becomes his companion and befriends an old man (Michael Rooker) and his unofficial adopted daughter (Ariana Greenblatt). He meets, escapes, and eventually learns to survive the fantastical and amusing monsters. Everything you could want from an adventure movie. It's brightly colored. It's fun to watch. Exciting action scenes that aren't just there to fill the frame. And then there are the magical moments that are an essential part of any adventure movie. It doesn't forget its heart, it has a sweet authenticity that ties it all together. It doesn't break new ground in its genre but fills an established form with high-quality material.

Love and Monster

Most important characteristic as an actor

For me there is no "but". I don't think it will become my new favorite movie or anything, but I'm not complaining. One thing I expected from the film didn't happen and I felt inconsistent, but I think it was mostly my projection that made it a hair. The characters are typical, which is fine as long as they are engaging enough. And I think dedication is Dylan O'Brien's most important characteristic as an actor. If the script gives him something solid to work with, he can't seem to let it go to waste. He's always singing his own tune, but he doesn't mind. He clearly wants to be the next Tom Cruise and I think he can pull it off.

Not everyone can direct entertainment well

Films like this stand out as engaging, quality entertainment. And while O'Brien doesn't lack skill as a lead actor, he's aided by his endlessly adorable dogs. They work so well together that one wonders why so few films feature talented dogs. Not that they're essential to the plot or anything. It made the film more compelling and better. The CGI wasn't enough to keep the lovers apart, but it wasn't bad and it was never visually boring. In my opinion, this is a good thing. So is the design of the creatures. And the comedy has a good sense of humor. And the fact that it delves into serious, dark drama, but doesn't get bogged down by it.

Happy message at the end

Oh, what fun. Sometimes you need an escape, and this film is ready for that. Suddenly, it proves to be able to give you more than that. Everyone knows that these days you can't make a movie without a sweet, happy message at the end. Universal truths need to be told repeatedly, in a positive way. That way, we can have fun and then refresh ourselves for real life. Incidentally, this little film conveys exactly the kind of universal message about the state of humanity circa 2020 that I couldn't have imagined at the time of writing and filming.

Love and Monster
This film knows more about what's going on than it thinks

Love Monsters doesn't shy away from acknowledging that there are dangers in the world. It honestly acknowledges this and shows how painful it can be. And it wisely points out that fear of this danger only confuses us. It means that it is worth exposing ourselves to certain dangers, both personally and as a community. It shows us that the world is not as bad as rumors and fears make it out to be and that hiding is not the only dangerous thing to do. He puts freedom before security, believing that freedom is not a false illusion but leads to real security watch this thrilling movie on 7starhd. And he literally says, "There is a big, beautiful, inspiring world out there. Try it. Live your own life. It's not easy, but I'm sure it's worth it."


A little adventure film with a giant monster reminds us of the need for courage in the real world. No matter how scary and dangerous life can be, there is no excuse for not living it to the fullest, much less not living it.