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Organizing an event is a hectic work, which becomes even more difficult (and important at the same time) to arrange in Gurgaon. There are various factors that you need to consider before organizing one – the objective, the workload, available time and much more. There are several events one may need to organize – a conference, a corporate event or a party. 

The first problem is to consider which venue to book? There are various party places in Gurgaon such as pubs, hotels and resorts ideal for parties. For conferences or other official office events, Hotel Banquets are preferred. Also, if you are planning to take your beloved somewhere special, then there are plenty of Valentine Venues in Gurgaon. Here we provide you a list of venues that you can choose from to organize a party.


Pubs and clubs in Gurgaon are the ideal locations for a friendly get-together or office parties. There are drinks, mouthwatering multi-cuisine delicacies as well as a dedicated dance floor. It is a great place to interact with colleagues, play a few games or recount old memories with friends. Plus, if you are interested, you can even add a theme to the party, which will make it more interesting.  


Although organizing a party in a resort can be expensive, but it is worth every penny you spend! All the time you spend here, you’ll remember forever in your life. Resorts provide various amenities like massage, spa, swimming pools, etc. A resort is spread out onto more land than a hotel, thus the guest list can be as large as you want. With facilities available for outdoor as well as indoor activities, it is the ultimate location for any event you might want to organize. 


If you are planning to hold an official office party or a conference, then hotel banquets are the most suitable location. They are very official and provide good services. Hotels in Gurgaon offer extensive services and are often willing to go to extreme lengths to satisfy their customers. Most hotels provide inside as well as outside decorator and caterer. So, once you decide that you are going to organize your party in a Hotel Banquet, you have nothing more to worry about.


If you want to throw a small family function for your kid’s birthday party or an anniversary party, then banquet halls are more than suitable for that. For weddings as well, banquet halls are preferable as they provide adequate space for you and your guests! However, they are more often than not overlooked when what you are planning is corporate events.


Depending on the season as well as your budget, if your guest list is extremely large, then you might want to prefer organizing your event in a farmhouse. They have a huge space for you to plan other activities as well along with the seating arrangement for the guests. 

These are some of the venues that you can decide from when planning to organize a party in Gurgaon. Remember, you need to consider these factors before finalizing onto one – the season, your budget and the purpose.

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