DE BETHUNE The classics DB25L fake watch DB25LRS1V1 for sale

DE BETHUNE The classics DB25L fake watch DB25LRS1V1 for sale


De Bethune DB25 special edition watch is more than just a light show

De Bethune DB25, built for Only swiss luxury watches, has a light theme to reflect the concepts of world, space and time. This watch is a manual winding mechanical watch that is aesthetically similar to the night sky. The face is covered with gold and diamonds, suggesting the infinite realm of Starry Night, not just any Starry Night. The specific night it reappeared was January 8, 1297, when the stars guided François Grimaldi through the narrow and narrow streets of Monaco fortress disguised as Franciscan monks. He walked through the darkness and opened the door of the Genoese fortress to the troops. 700 years later, his descendants are still Prince of Monaco.

The flame blue dial is a wonderful way to play with flashing lights, soft reflections and smooth curves. Its convex volume creates the illusion of infinite depth. The time is read from the bottom of the table, the hours are displayed in Roman numerals, and the minutes are displayed in Arabic numerals. Its sporting characteristics are polished similar to 19 270-component motherboards made by the Royal Family of the Century. The case diameter is 44 mm and is made of white gold. The strap is super soft crocodile leather with pin buckle.

DB25 is a beautiful reproduction of a historic night, with all the outstanding features of De Bethune.De Bethune DB25 replica watches

De Bethune embraces the personalization of DB25 Starry Varius

Watch darling De Bethune launched two new watches on Baselworld this year, just after Steel Wheels was released by SIHH. The headlines of both are undoubtedly DB25 Starry Varius. Since its first appearance in 2002, this brand new timepiece has taken full advantage of De Bethune's so successful spirit and updated the customization in the watch industry in a whole new way.

With the starry VARIUS, the astronomical theme of De Bethune has become famous in the past ten years, plus the sudden customization and selection of the night sky for any date and geographical location. How to look at the choice forever. Suppose you want to commemorate the Paris night you proposed? no problem. How to commemorate the night your son was born in a hospital outside Chicago? All you have to do is tell the De Bethune team when and where, it's up to them to decide.

Each star is cut out by a suitable gold needle, and the Milky Way pattern is made possible by traditional gold foil technology, and the Milky Way pattern is enhanced by laser beam micro-milling. The thin box (8.8 mm) is made of grade 5 polished titanium and has a diameter of 42 mm. The hollow lugs of this watch have been one of the brand's trademarks for many years. The inside of the replica luxury watches is the DB2105 movement, which can be seen through the sapphire crystal back with double-sided anti-reflective coating.

The movement is equipped with a titanium balance wheel and a triple umbrella-shaped shock absorption system. It maintains a power reserve of six days. De Bethune Starry Varius (If you named it Stradivarius, the world-famous violin-making family, you would guess) Personalized prices vary.