Does New World need a mount?

In order to differentiate itself from its direct competitors, Amazon Games has confirmed that MMORPG New World will have no rideable mounts.


In order to differentiate itself from its direct competitors, Amazon Games has confirmed that MMORPG New World will have no rideable mounts. This is an example of New World's bold decision. There are many arguments for and against having mounts in New World. Some players may give up trying the game because of this decision. Any number of major design decisions can cause players to become interested in New World Coins Buy areas that were previously uninteresting, or cause them to lose interest. New World's lack of rideable mounts is an example of this polarizing choice.

A key selling point of New World is the fantasy of becoming the first settlers of the nominal Aeternum New World. Here, the player must explore and map the fourteen ruthless territories of Aeternum. In addition, the plot of New World begins when the player encounters a shipwreck on the island. Therefore, from the perspective of legend, it makes sense that there is no mount on Aeternum, because its animals have not been domesticated. There is no mount that allows players to truly participate in the deeper world construction of Aeternum.

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For many players, realism and immersion can become boring at some point. Although this decision about mounts seems to help promote the plot of New World, after fully exploring Aeternum, running around may become boring. In MMORPG, the mount has always been the middle ground between walking and fast travel. If the player travels anywhere quickly, they may miss certain world events and monsters to upgrade their characters. Mounts allow players to move at a considerable speed, while at the same time can choose to participate in events or battles.

The biggest disadvantage of New World without a mount is that it deprives the New World Coins player of the right to choose when it is really not needed. Those fans who like to be immersed in a shipwreck can still feel this feeling by not touching the mount at all. However, those who want the convenience associated with the mount, because they only have one hour to play and don't want to spend all of their time on running, now they are forced to play the game in a certain way. Apart from the more possible technical problems of New World, there is no reason why this option does not exist.

Although no mounts have been added to the game yet, as New World will have an in-game cosmetics store and some small time-saving confirmations, it seems a reasonable assumption that mounts will eventually join the store. In addition, players should also accumulate a lot of New World Coins in advance to experience more game fun. NewWorldCoins is currently holding promotional activities, players can buy New World Coins at a lower price.