What Should I Look For in a Moving Company?

It is important your moving company is genuine and the services are trustworthy. It needs to be licensed as well.


As you have the plan to move to New York, you would need professional assistance to handle the relocation process. A full-service moving company in New York can help you pack your belongings, load the truck, drive to the new home, and unload the truck, saving your time and effort. It is true that a moving company is worth it but you need to be sure that you are hiring a trustworthy mover. This means an affordable long distance moving company quote should not be the reason you are hiring a moving company. There are much bigger points to be concerned about. 


So what are the factors you need to consider beyond the moving cost estimates? Let us analyze some of them in detail.


The goodwill of the mover is crucial


When you think about considering the best moving companies, Google is not the first point of call but always consult with friends and family members. Ask friends to refer to some movers in New York that are highly reputable. Also, check whether you can connect with anyone who recently moved for suggestions. 


Read online reviews


Most moving companies will have an online review section where you will learn about the company’s quality of services. Often, online feedback sections will have both positive and negative effects. Analyze both before you make a decision. 


It should have a satisfactory track record


Apart from the long distance moving company quotes, the mover must also have a positive track record. Do your best to research the track record of the company before you eventually make up your mind to hire its services. While searching online, some of the things which you need to pay attention to include:

  • Adhering to set timings
  • Maintaining fair rates
  • Ensuring the condition of your belongings is maintained


The mover needs to be licensed and insured


Often you may find a moving quote matching with your moving cost estimate. However, do not jump into it. Instead, see whether the moving company is licensed or not. It is highly risky to enlist the services of a company that is neither licensed or insured. The mover must have a USDOT number that needs to be presented to the customers while discussing the quote. Unless you are sure about it, never hire the mover. In addition, a mover must also offer insurance for the household stuff it is moving.


The moving quote must be transparent


When you discuss with the mover, ensure that the long-distance moving company quote is clear, transparent, and affordable. There have been occasions where a company gave an approximation of what you may really spend. The rate may not include the extra materials you may need in packing. It may also not involve the extra costs of moving large and heavy objects.


Is the moving company able to fully meet your needs?


When you receive a long-distance moving company quote, confirm it meets your demands. Ensure that the company you hire can comfortably accommodate all of your things. For instance, the moving truck must be able to fit in all your belongings without constraint. Never agree to a moving quote unless you are satisfied. Ask as many questions as you can and there should not be even one question left unanswered. When you feel a moving company is not accepting questions, leave out to move to a new one.


Be cautious about fraudulent movers


Do not assume that all movers are genuine as there are bad apples that need to be worried about. Look into every aspect of the mover and ensure it is licensed and registered. Also do fall prey to traps like hidden costs. You should also never entertain advance payment as no legitimate company will demand cash in advance.


Research about the mover in New York before you assign it the task to relocate the home. Confirm it is licensed and the services are reliable.