Review "I want to eat your Pancreas" by Yoru SUMINO: An unconditional relationship

Review "I want to eat your Pancreas" by Yoru SUMINO: An unconditional relationship


Yoru Sumino is a Japanese screenwriter who became known thanks to his work: I want to eat your pancreas. A successful novel, he made the adaptation into a manga, edited by Pika Edition. The reception being always enthusiastic, his novel was entitled to an animated film adaptation available on the Netflix platform.

Her manga is a story that brings joy to life through the character of Sakura, a sociable girl, playful and adored by her comrades. Unlike Sakura, Haruki is a reserved character that no one really cares about. An unusual situation that suits him perfectly. Over the course of the story, an extraordinary friendship develops between our two protagonists.



- I saw a show yesterday on TV.

In the old days when people suffered from a disease affecting a certain organ,

they ate the corresponding organ in an animal.

If they had liver disease,

they ate the liver… If it was the stomach, they ate the stomach…

- So what ?

- They considered it a treatment… That's why…



A budding friendship
While our two young main characters were in the same class, they remained complete strangers until the day Haruki discovered Sakura's disease. Even though her illness is fatal, Sakura keeps smiling and enjoys life while she can.

When they meet, Sakura nicknames Haruki "Mr. Transparent", a name characterizing him very well. At this point, Haruki is far from imagining the events that will follow and the hardships he will have to endure. Haruki is now the only one to know of the existence of Sakura's disease, except for his parents.

The screenwriter gives us a calm, relaxing and gentle image of his work. We will quickly understand, thanks to Sakura, that every moment of life is important and that we must make the most of it. Because we do not know when death will come to interrupt the cycle of life. The heroine will carry in her good humor Haruki who did not ask for much. His outlook on life will quickly change along with those of the readers.

Happy days
Sakura takes advantage of every moment that life offers her. She has devised a list of things to do before dying, taking Haruki wherever she wishes to go.

When they both travel, our two protagonists find themselves in a hotel to play "truth or dare". While Sakura's questions are fairly straightforward like "what's the cutest girl in the class", Haruki is curious and tries to learn more about Sakura, how she was when she was young, etc. . Even though Sakura seems happy to be alive, she admits that she is finally terrified of dying. A moving and unexpected revelation.

A character gets in the way of their friendship, Kyoko, Sakura's best friend. Kyoko is a person with her character but who has a good background. She worries about Sakura regularly and is afraid that Haruki will replace her.

The death of Sakura is announced by the media. She was assaulted and killed in the street. An unexpected and tragic end that affects readers. A last message sent before the drama: "I want to eat your pancreas".

Yoru SUMINO makes you feel sadness in each of the characters who rubbed shoulders with young Sakura. A moving letter is addressed to Haruki at the end of her diary, explaining that at times she felt more than friendship towards him. With all of these events, Kyoko and Haruki end up getting along well, putting aside their resentment.

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas evokes the meaning of life, from the perspective of a teenage girl with serious illness with the goal of changing our view of the world. If you want to continue reading, I invite you to discover A Silent Voice.



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