Main features of Chinese terminal blocks

The terminal section analyzer is newly developed to meet the reliability design of the test connector and wire terminal of the vast wire and cable and terminal industry.


The China Terminal Block section analyzer is newly developed to meet the reliability design of the test connector and wire terminal of the vast wire and cable and terminal industry. It has a high degree of automation and simplifies, systematizes and scientifies the complex test. It fully meets the needs of laboratory and field testing.

The terminal section analyzer system is composed of terminal grinding table, zoom microscope head, LED lighting device, analog CCD camera, terminal cutter, image processing base plate, image processing software, precise measuring ruler for benchmark setting, corrosive solution and water-resistant sandpaper.

Main Features
1. So far, the resin solidification method must be used to make samples through resin hardening, resin cutting, grinding and other processes. It takes hours to make a sample. The terminal section analyzer does not require resin to solidify, and it only takes 5 minutes to make a sample.

2. Terminal-specific clamps can be used for terminals of various sizes. The newly developed clamps can clamp various types of terminals. When grinding, do not worry about the deformation of the thread teeth or the wire flying out. No special skills are needed. Anyone can operate it easily.

3. High performance micro observation instrument and special software can measure length and calculate area simply and correctly. The magnification is from 20x to 260x. Extremely thin electrical wires can also be displayed clearly.

Human development is better than one year, and the world population has been growing. Correspondingly, people's demand for life has been continuously increasing and increasing. For decades, the fastest growing industries are various manufacturing industries. With the increase in the number of people and the economic growth, the demand for goods has increased, and the development of manufacturing has also accelerated. The importance of the terminal section analyzer in the production industry is also visible.

Terminal section analyzer is of special significance in the manufacturing industry. From its own function, terminal section analyzer is an analytical instrument that can get relevant data by analyzing the terminal. For example, if the terminal of an electrical cable is placed on the instrument for analysis, the instrument can get a series of detailed information about the size, thickness, composition ratio, the toughness, strength and structure of the product, and so on.

For manufacturers, the terminal section analyzer can help them better check the quality of products before they leave factory, so as to more effectively control the overall quality of products leaving factory, improve the quality of enterprises, create a good reputation and reputation of enterprises, which has great contribution to the shaping of enterprise image.

With the help of the terminal section analyzer, many counterfeit and shoddy products have nowhere to hide. The products produced by those poor small workshops can only be imitated from the appearance of the naked eye. But once put on the terminal analyzer for detection, their real properties can be revealed in a few minutes. For purchasers,pcb screw terminal block section analyzer is undoubtedly a great savior.

At present, almost every manufacturing industry is using this kind of very useful analyzer. Whether the products are delivered or purchased, the corresponding inspection will be carried out.