The Youth! The Future!!!

The need for the youth of Ghana to realize their potentials as the future of this nation.


The Youth! The Future!!!

We live in a blessed nation. God has endow in it everything that makes it such a reputable land and a beautiful one. This nation, a nation of love, peace and humility, is indeed blessed. 

The sixty-one year old nation aftergaining republic has grown very well in having a large group of people of different ethnicity that can fight, defend and make this land a better place to be, The Youth! Ghana is blessed with youth. 

A youth filled with strength in their bones,

A youth that has much energy in their muscles,

A youth that is the future if thus beautiful land.

Yet the nation seems to have no future¿ The motherland is in great pain, the motherland that lies to the coast, hence the Gold Coast, weeps into the sea daily. 

Our youth are now future terrorist, they now fight against peace and sanity. Impurity has now become their advicer.

The future of this noble land is now in the hands of terrorist, the future of such a great nation, that once had great leaders, is now in the hands of scammers and robbers, of those that do ot know God anymore. Mother Ghana is weeping seing it's strong and great men, which she could have boast of as freedom fighters, are now sin and money lovers. They have put on a cloth of insanity and have welcomed impurity into the sanctuary. Peace is now a forbidden language, humility has now become a sign of disrespect! 

We have riches and wealth in our blood yet we fight for what is vain. On this day I plead on all Ghanaian youth to rise for a beautiful, sanctified and a reputable future for this lovely nation, not for one that is corrupt. 

We are the STAR  of AFRICA , the STAR of HOPE! But have we so soon forgotten our personality? We forego our great missions and visions to follow that which is vain. We have chosen to fight for that which is vanity. 


Mother Ghana is our homeland. Together with set visions we can restore peace and purity, love, trust and hope on this multi wealth land.