5 Reasons PPC Search Ads May Not Be Effective for B2B Businesse

Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. Pay-per-click is commonly associated with first-tier search engines.


No matter what bidding strategy ppc company birmingham I use, my B2B ad campaigns are costly. I used to generate leads, but lead CPA is very high. In some cases, lead CPA exceeds my monthly budget allocated for Google ads. Let me share 5 reasons I believe no PPC search ads. Performance for advertising B2B services.


1. High keyword CPC

This is a lot if you have a limited budget for your ad campaign. For some keywords, I have a CPC of about $50. This is just the click price. But that doesn't mean your visitors will eventually convert. I've also tried bidding strategies. "Maximize Clicks" with a limited cost-per-click, this way I can be sure my costs won't skyrocket. However, intense bid restrictions can push your ads to the 5th, 6th and 7th positions of the Google SERP, which can negatively affect your CTR.

2. Requires a large monthly budget

Due to the high CPC cost, B2B services digital marketing training institute birmingham are very expensive to advertise. I recommend spying on your competitors and checking how much they allocate to Google ads, which can be what's called a benchmark for you. If you want to use PPC search advertising, be sure to estimate your campaign budget for the month. Here's how you can do it:

Use this campaign budget estimate to plan your monthly ad impressions.

where C1 and C2 can be calculated in the following way

C1 - Traffic to Leads Conversion Rate C2 - Leads to Customer Conversion Rates

To estimate your advertising campaign budget, you should already know your CPO, that is the cost per order, in other words, the price you pay to get customers. You also need to know how much traffic your ad campaign is generating as well as the number of leads.

2. Low monthly keyword search volume

B2B businesses are specific. Users may not search for B2B products or services every day. However, a one-time purchase can greatly increase your company's revenue.I used to advertise B2B services with 10–100 global search traffic per month. In fact, many companies advertise under the same keyword. Due to the high level of competition I was able to generate a few clicks with a relatively high CPC. In addition, the advertising campaign does not generate leads.

3. Users may not convert immediately.

Have you ever bought a lot of items? as a new home Did you decide immediately or did it take some time to make a purchase? I'm pretty sure you go online to check offers, prices, previous customer reviews, apartment details, etc. Such important decisions can't be made instantly, users need some time to get down to the conversion funnel. Before contacting you request. Do you know how many days it takes your users to convert after their first interaction with the website? Here's how to check it in Google Analytics (if you've already set goals). The Delay report shows the number of days it took from first interaction to conversion. The Delay report is especially useful in analyzing the percentage of audience that converts immediately and evaluating the effort needed to bring the rest of your users back to your website. Users coming to your website from search ads may not convert immediately, or may not convert at all, depending on your search intent and the keywords you're bidding on.

4. Low keyword quality score

In case you have low QS on your ads, you should expect to pay more for one click. Additionally, Google will limit your impression share which will lead to poor ad campaign performance in your ad campaign. the most I'm experiencing a bad keyword's Quality Score that drives up my CPC costs. In case you are facing bad QS too, here is my step-by-step guide on how to improve Quality Score for B2B ad campaigns.

5. Low conversion rate

That doesn't always mean SEO penalty removal training birmingham your targeting settings are bad. It could be a sign that your audience is interested in your services. But traffic is expensive and not enough to generate the right number of conversions. In my case, a visitor coming from a paid advertisement visited the website's contact page. However, there is little conversion into leads.