Research About Super Lightning & Installations that Can Lead to Solution

We all should know how electrical system are installed at home. In this post we have mentioned some of the most important tips & tricks that will help you to get an idea about the installation process.


Destructive power and damages caused by a super lightning strike are massive. Those thunderbolts, flash and bang are everyday happenings that we face each day. At times they are imperceptible yet lead to substantial damage to expensive property and structures gradually. The thunderstorm doesn't need to be right over your head to call yourself in a danger zone. Instead, it is found that lightning strikes affect a distance of several miles away from its striking point.  It is deadly if struck directly or indirectly as it can take away life or lead to extensive expenses.

We are listing below the imperceptible facts about super lightning protection system because of which the installation of a protection system is a wise option.


Even Though Super Lightning Remains at the Forefront as the Significant Damage Causing Phenomenon, Its Cause Is Unaware:

We are motivated to pass our time outdoors during warmer weather conditions when the lightning frequently hits without a warning sign. Scientists are still puzzled about the actual cause of super lightning, yet they presume sunspots and cosmic rays deep in outer space can cause it. These intensely mysterious super lightning bolts occur every year and are 1,000 times stronger than a typical lightning strike, so a well-designed standard-compliant protection scheme must be incorporated.


How Can the Super Lightning Be Detected and Distinguished?:

This is quite interesting; research was conducted between 2010 and 2018 across 6 continents utilizing about 100 lightning detection stations. These lightning detection stations listen to the radio waves given out by lightning strikes. Two billion lightning strikes were recorded, among which super lightning strikes were distinguished if their discharged energy is more significant than one million joules within a defined bandwidth. The recordings consisted of about 8000 such super lightning bolts that mostly occurred between November and February every year.


Potential Use of Lighting Protection Installation for People and Structures:

A protection segment is needed to be provided against this potential threat. It is found to be getting more often further, causing property damage and loss of life, majorly if your facility is tall and located in a high lightning density area. Highly recommending the most potent technology widely adopted in accordance with the Indian and international standards, namely -  IS/IEC 62305 National Building Code (NBC 2016) which is the latest revision which gives clear insight into the need for lightning protection system and finest methodology of risk assessment which assist safety professionals with the essential installation - Air terminal network, down conductor, maintenance-free earthing methods and exothermic bonding practices.

Conventional Air termination or lightning arrester network mounted on the peak point of the building catches the descending thunderstorm further paves its path to the ground via a down conductor which is electrically linked to the ground. Proper system designing and putting all essentials in place becomes a strong weapon capturing the discharged energy if it approaches the protected zone by safely conducting it to the ground. The air terminal reaches the last level of this protection methodology: Maintenance-free earthing system via down conductor to dissipate the lightning current is essential for the purpose.

A thunderstorm is no longer rare, so this pioneering age-old method is still in practice owing to its reliability and is strongly recommended by JVM. Also, we suggest getting access to the lightning risk assessment software. and do the risk assessment all by yourself by the login. Registering in this user-friendly software can determine and provide you with a detailed report so that you can also get a clear idea of what lightning protection equipment and service is required for your property.

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