Contrasts between Narrative Essay and Descriptive Essay

Now you are having a clear idea about both of them. Students mostly write both in their lives many times. Therefore, they both need creativity and perfect essay writing techniques.


Contrasts between Narrative Essay and Descriptive Essay

If you are confused between these two essays, then by reading our differences will clear all confusion. People do often mix these two. It may be because of their names. People can get the same meaning from them. But the main is a major one difference which makes them unique in their own way. 

  • Descriptive essays only talk about particular or specified things while argumentative essay provides several arguments and arguments to support it, plots or themes in detail. The main motive is to describe that thing.
  • In contrast, narrative essays refer to stories. It works the same as a narrator who tells people a story. In his story, there are certain related things. In a nutshell, different vital things are discussed equally in narrative essays. So the focus is on everything, i.e., characters, theme, environment, objects etc.

Descriptive essay examples:

As we have mentioned above that its focus is on mainly one thing. For instance, it can be about your friend, your family member, your parents, and your favourite pet. What a writer does in this kind of essay is the description of sensory things. The reader will start imagining things while reading. The writer will explain minute things about particular objects, i.e., how his friend talks? Which colour is he wearing? In this way, it creates a solid imaginary world in reader’s minds and eyes.

What is a narrative essay? 

  • We are moving towards narrative essays. It is one of the best techniques for storytellers. Here a writer takes the reader into his imaginary world. The reader starts feeling like that story is about his own life. He can be this much involved in the story. 
  • The essay writer sets a proper background of his characters. Then, he describes the influence they are making on each other. Each character has some special and unique traits. So. The reader, in the end, chooses his favourite character of a story. 

Narrative essay examples:

These essays can be about your last day at school or college, your first university trip, your parent's anniversary, the birthday of your firstborn, the most important event of your life, one inspiring story about you, etc. 

Now you are having a clear idea about both of them. Students mostly write both in their lives many times. Therefore, they both need creativity and perfect essay writing techniques. 

Important things to write these essays:

  • If you have understood what the extensive qualities of both are? Then think about your topic. If not, then do read some more stuff first. Then, you can visit online sites to write my essay for learning purposes. Make sure to know that what you are going to discuss? What is your central theme? In which way will you address your readers? Is narrative style suits you or the descriptive one? 
  • Your point of view, time frame, use of literary devices, and purpose must be clearly defined in your mind before writing. In descriptive essays, there is no role of time factor or literary techniques. Why? Because the writer is elaborating things with the condition of any specified time. Literary techniques are used in narrative essays due to the pitch the writer needs to set for perfect essay writing
  • In a nutshell, by digging deep into your topic, you can have a better idea. Then, you are all set to start writing after choosing one way.

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