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A successful agile transformation requires a noticeable and significant change in the working style of an organization, it includes the working method of every single employee of the company, every single day.

A successful agile transformation requires a noticeable and significant change in the working style of an organization, it includes the working method of every single employee of the company, every single day. 

Theoretically, it may seem easy to change the working process of your employees, all you need to do is explain the goal and advancement you want for your organization, convince your team to see the key benefits and progress by the changes, and show them a clear road for the execution of the company’s destiny. 

But nothing is that easy in the real world, you need a lot more than just a plan. It requires excellent leadership and a firm hand discipline to make all the ideas and plans come true. Techsaga, Agile Transformations Company in Noida allows you to consider your goals on a reached level and make your investment worthwhile. 

Well, here are some management steps to make a successful change in your Agile Transformation. 


Establish the urgency: Before the ‘how’ comes a ‘why’. If you want a change in the working process or in the ultimate result you’re looking forward to, the first thing is to create an urgency to bring the change. Your team should have a clear vision of why you need to bring change in the working style and process in the first place. Make a friendly talk with them, explain to them your motives, clear them your aim, and help them to follow this change as a core amigo and well wisher. Give your teammates a fiery reason for the change, make it clear how it benefits them, and, most importantly, get feedback! Make sure your spark for change resonates with your teammates and makes business sense.


Identify and Train Leaders: Journey to Agile Transformation is never a loner path. You need leaders who are as enthusiastic and fiery as you are towards the change. Pick the best ones from your team, assign them a responsibility of a certain group of members, fill them up with confidence and positivity towards the agile transformation, and always show a belief and trust towards your employees. The group of agile transformation leaders you identify need expertise about the people, product, and process that your organization is composed of. 

Do a torch test to choose your leaders; it follows in this way, do you have to light their ‘torch’, or did they excitedly light their own after hearing the ‘why’ behind the transformation. 

Always keep in mind the amount of will and positive momentum you’ll carry towards your goal, the same will reflect in your team. 


Craft a vision for the Future: Most organizations miss out on the concept behind the transformation, the ultimate aim of the agile transformation is to perceive a drastic future with core benefits of the company, its potential customers and clients, and the working employees. 

Identify the urgency of the transformation and the counter effects of what will happen if the transformation will be unsuccessful. Make them face the questions like, How will things be better for you, for the leaders you identified, and for everyone else that will be impacted? Picture your vision for the future and expectations you hold on in front of your employees to make them realize the urgency and importance of this Agile Transformation. 


Create a Roadmap: A leader is meant to have all the answers and all possible ways to bring an idea to a paper. Just as ‘why’ another important thing for a successful agile transformation is ‘how’. You should be ready with all the plans and strategies that your team will follow to make changes. Inserted with baby steps you must have a plan for the next five years.

Remember, a valuable transformation roadmap will indicate where you’re heading in the next month, the next quarter, the next few quarters, next year, etc. There should be a whole set of strategies and potential requirements prepared on paper for your teammates to see an agile transformation as a possible and positive aspect to come true. 

The ideas in the roadmap must conquer possible complexities and hurdles in the way, order your roadmap by the best opportunities to take advantage of this transformation. Transformation roadmaps should craft and test communication plans to align everyone around the vision and roadmap that has been created.


Execution: Now you have a vision, urgency for transformation, your core leaders, and a full-proof roadmap. The next that comes up is making it come into practice. 

No one can predict all the complexities and casualties that belong in the future, for that, you need to execute your plan and look if your strategies work or not. To deal with this complexity, you need empirical process control that enables your transformation to be adaptive and imperative. 


For any organization to carry agile transformation, it needs to make a clear mindset of what the company requires and make a clear vision of the end result and strategies beholding it. Techsaga, an IT company in Noida holds some great strategies in the agile transformation to give the result you wish for.


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