Types of Balustrades and Which Home Decor They Go With Their Characteristics

Balustrades are an important part of a house or commercial construction. Hence, the choice of their type and design plays a significant role in the interior and exterior decor of the property like balcony, staircase, deck or pool fencing.


Balustrades are an important part of a house or commercial construction. Hence, the choice of their type and design plays a significant role in the interior and exterior decor of the property like balcony, staircase, deck or pool fencing.

When it comes to your dream house, dream office or any other type of property for that matter, being able to choose that one perfect design for any component of your home that could blend in with the rest of the indoor design plan is the most difficult task to do. Because of the availability of numerous options for everything in the market nowadays, one can get easily confused with which type of balcony balustrading in Melbourne to choose for a specific theme of the house.

Here, we are trying to explore some major categories of balustrades that are in trend and which type will go with which kind of home decor.

Wrought-Iron Balustrades

Wrought iron balustrades are one of the most stylish designs to go with your interiors and balcony. They come in a wide range of attractive designs and instantly lift the appearance of your house. They mostly go with traditional interior designs and if used in exteriors, it will make the house look royal.

Apart from good looks, wrought iron balustrades also offer sturdy security from children and pets. Their robust material can withstand all types of weather conditions.

They are really easy to maintain if cleaned on a semi-regular basis and can be kept from rusting by coating and sealing.

Wooden Balustrades

If you are a fan of the Victorian era or still can't get enough of that 1970's modern look of furniture style, you must try the wooden balcony balustrade in Melbourne. It gives a rustic and retro look to the house which can lift the spirit of the onlooker at once. The best part is that they can be painted in any colour of your choice or can be carved into any intricate pattern too to match your taste. They can give timeless charm to your property.

What makes them versatile is that they can go well with contemporary artwork too. So if you want a mix of traditional and contemporary interiors for your property, wooden balustrading can be a good option.

However, they are not known to be a reliable option especially with kids and cannot tolerate Australia's blistering sun. The colour tends to fade away quickly if not coated and sealed properly.

Stainless Steel Balustrades

Here comes the shiny and sturdy steel that steals the show every time! If you are renovating your abode and are up for some contemporary look, stainless steel balustrades are the undisputed champion. They not only remarkably enhance the style statement of the area they are installed at like balconies and staircases but also serve well to provide great support and strength to the overall structure.

Because of these properties, they are most popular among homeowners and property managers. Though they are a costly option, once installed your worries about safety, durability, longevity and style are all taken care of at once.

Glass Balustrades

"Less is more" is the new perspective of emerging interior designers. And glass balustrades solve the exact purpose. Glass balustrades are series of large panels of toughened and tempered glass designed especially for improving the aesthetics of the house even if there is a limited space to work with. This type of balcony balustrade in Melbourne give a minimalistic look to the area which is a new trend in contemporary house decor.

The glass panels can be framed, semi-framed or frameless while the glass can come in a wide range of styles like transparent, semi-transparent, frosted, etched or tinted.

The glass balustrade offers an uninterrupted view of the surroundings, be it a balcony, pool fence or staircase. This feature creates an illusion of more space making your home or office virtually spacious. When combined with metal or steel frames, glass balustrading can make the property look extremely gorgeous and increase the face value and monetary value of the property manifolds.

Because of being completely flat, children and pets can't climb on it, thus providing utmost safety. A lint-free cloth and a commercial glass cleaner are all that is required for its cleaning and maintenance.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is simple. Balustrade's whole purpose is to provide safety and support to the structure of a staircase, balcony, deck or pool. Installing them with the above-mentioned innovation and style completes the overall appearance and aesthetics of the house or property. So good amount of thinking must go into deciding the perfect balcony balustrade in Melbourne. After all, you don't make your "Home Sweet Home" now and then.