Players' guide to playing Destruction Warlock in WoW Burning Crusade Classic

Players' guide to playing Destruction Warlock in WoW Burning Crusade Classic


If players only want to focus on damage in TBC Classic, then Warlock is definitely one of the best choices. This class has three unique specializations, the most powerful of which is Destruction, because these talents provide more damage than pain and demonism. In addition to useful curses and consumables such as the Life Stone and Soul Stone, the player's character usually outputs a lot of damage, and for Destruction, it comes down to a few buttons. Depending on the type of spell the player casts, Destruction can be played as Shadow or Fire. Generally speaking, Fire is better early in the Burning Crusade Classic Gold game, and Shadow will surpass it later.

The construction of The Destruction Warlock is very simple. Players want to get all the related damage increase talents from Destruction, and then enter the demonology tree to get the huge damage increase of the demon sacrifice. The rotation of The Destruction Warlock is very simple, the player only has a few spells that need to be used, and the player usually uses the same two buttons over and over again. Players need to use fel armor to use demon sacrifices on their own succubus or imp, and then cast the specified curse and Shadow Bolt or incineration.

The player's first goal should be to reach a 16% hit limit, so that the player's spells will have the lowest possible chance of error. Then players should pay attention to spell haste and spell damage at the same time, both of which are very important, but haste is very rare, so players will want to get it where it is available, but otherwise make spell damage the second priority. However, the spell crit and intelligence are still very strong, so be sure to catch them as much as possible!

As a gem of destroying Warlock, it is a bit different from other Classic TBC Gold professions. There are some nuances here, because Warlock has a high spell hit requirement, but unlike most classes, they don't have the talent to increase attributes. This means that unless the player's equipment has a large number of hits, the player needs to focus on hitting gems, and once the hit requirements are met, they can be transferred to spell power gems.

Tailoring and Enchanting are two outstanding professions in Warlock. Tailoring provides a way to get some of the best items early in the game, such as the Spellstrike suit and the Shadow's Embrace and Spellfire suits. Enchanting provides a reliable attribute boost because it allows players to gain 24 extra spell power through unique ring enchants. If players want to make better use of these two professions, then you should immediately visit MMOWTS to purchase a large amount of TBC Classic Gold to quickly improve yourself.