5 Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

A programming language is a formal language comprising a set of strings that produce various kinds of machine code output. Programming languages are one kind of computer language, and are used in computer programming to implement algorithms.


Usually, the hard-hitting part of learning programming is deciding when and where to being, if any of you are new to the field of the IT world or software engineering. There are so many programming languages in general use, each with its own peculiarities. Merely a few people were well-known as computer programmers with pioneering coding skills. But we can see, many IT jobs need a compact hold on the top programming languages — certainly, more than one. You might be thinking about which one to learn and be a master of programming language to change the career dynamically. If you are willing to live in an advanced digital world and want to change your career then the IT field is what most demand in the present era. It takes time to learn something, right? Like programing language is time and money taking. So why not make the right decision now and choose a certain language with our assignment help service?

Here is the handy list of programming languages that are top-picked in the tech industry and preferred by many IT professionals (used in mobile software development, web development, e-games, and many more). By choosing one from the following you’ll know how to direct your studies while you are taking the training.

1. Python

If you are a beginner and want to learn a programming language today then opting for Python is best because it is an easy-pace to learn and having fine readability. Moreover, it is an open-source and free programming language with far-reaching supporting modules and communal development, accessible data arrangements, having GUI-based desktop applications, and stress-free integration with web services. It is a free, open-source programming language with extensive support modules and community development, easy integration with web services, user-friendly data structures, and GUI-based desktop applications.


Basically, it is one of the best and standard programming languages for deep knowledge applications and machine learning like it is used to develop Autodesk, Inkscape, and Blender (2D and 3D animation packages). However, it has been also used in the development of popular video games (including Toontown, Civilization IV, and Vegas Trike). Python is widely used in computational and scientific applications like Abacus and freeCAD and also used by many e-websites like Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, and YouTube. Thus, you can earn easily an average of $72,500 yearly only if you are a Python developer.

2. C and C++

C is the essence of the other programming languages like JavaScript, C#, and Java and probably the oldest used common programming language. C++ is a boosted version of C and used by almost all programming experts. Some IT programmer says that you should first learn C in order to understand the C++. However, both languages are widely used in scientific and computational programming.

C  C++

Using C and C++ both together is very helpful for the making of a variety of applications because this duo is immensely transportable. They are both considered high-performance languages because their compatibility is so high. Moreover, these are also used when the performance in the developing application is a critical issue like commercial products (like Adobe, Firefox, and Video games) and server/client applications. C and C++ programmers earn an average $76,500 annually.

3. PHP

You can count it as an easy language for learners. It is one of the finest and most used programming languages and become essential for many programmers and IT developers.


About 80% of websites on the internet (Like Twitter and Facebook, Yahoo, and many others) are developed by using this PHP. Mainly, it is used to write. However, IT developers with advanced coding skills use this language to create desktop applications, write server-side scripts and command-line scripts. Hence, the average salary of PHP programmers is about %81,500 yearly.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript (a user-friendly programming language) has a huge role in coding and programming because often it is considered that you can’t be a software developer without knowing this programming language. For the eight-year in a row, it has been the most popular language among many developers. Additionally, it is reported that about 70% of survey respondents used this programming language. It is counted as the essential front-web programming. Besides, it is widely used in the development of many popular websites (Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube many more).


It is dynamically used by many web developers to create interactive web pages and display contents for users because it has a flexible syntax and the capability to work through all the chief browsers.

5. Kotlin

In 2011, Kotlin a programming language was originally unveiled as Project Kotlin by JetBrains as a general-purpose programming language.

In 2016 its first version was released officially and become a functional programming language in the Tech Industry. However, it is interoperable with Java and used immensely for the android application, desktop application server-side application, and web applications.


Many companies are using this programming language (including PostMates. Pinterest and Coursera and many others). If you are Kotlin Programmer then you can earn potentially an average of $136,000 annually.