What You Look While Choosing Knitted Cardigans And How It Is In Trending?

The quintessential knitted cardigan is the one winter garment that transcends time when it comes to what’s trending.


The quintessential Knitted Cardigan is the one winter garment that transcends time when it comes to what’s trending. So, if you’re ‘adding to cart’ the most trending designer dresses online, be sure to not leave this apparel out.


To make your job easy, we’ve listed one item available at the By Adushka online store that is sure to make all the fashion mongers grovel in front of you. 

Here you go:


Forest Knit Cardigan - Phisique du Role

If you’re one who endorses and is all for minimalism, this is just the right choice for you. It is a statement pick that goes well on top of everything.

Available in Forest Green Cognac shades, this piece is made in Italy comprises high-quality, 100% cotton. Besides, it is reversible has a V neck, buttons, long sleeves to give you the classic yet versatile look, all at once. Interesting combo, eh?

Now, coming to more specific reasons about why you must wear knitted cardigans during winters. Here’s why:

  1. They are soft on the skin, much more than the readymade ones. So, there are negligible chances of you having rashes as the wool rubs on your skin.
  2. They give more warmth than their readymade counterparts. And that too without causing your skin to itch or your movement getting restricted.
  3. Durability is another reason why buying this garment is always a good investment. You may age, but a knitted cardigan surely doesn’t. Besides, it never looks worn. Trust us, once you buy such a piece, be assured that your next generation will also wear it.
  4. Last but not least, low maintenance is another reason that makes this garment the ideal choice for contemporary women who are always on the go. 

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