HP Printer Won’t Print in Black : How to Fix This Issue?

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It can be frustrating when your HP Printer won’t print in Black anymore. You discover yourself facing a deadline at work and your Printer just refuses to corporate with you decide that it'll not print in black. It’s a very common story: you need to print something and your Printer’s decided to not print black ink. You may attend Google and look for fixes to resolve this issue. And run into several printer forums without a transparent resolution.

Normally the primary thing you'll is to call the phone number for hp support  1-800-673-8163 and seek help from a technical expert. If you would like to repair this problem then this text could be helpful to resolve your HP Printer error. So here are some steps which can fix your HP Printer Won’t Print Black issue.

Steps to repair the difficulty when HP Printer Won’t Print in Black

HP Printer Troubleshooting Basic Steps:

Step 1: close up your hp printer helpdesk after saving all of your data unplug from the facility source and disconnect USB cables also.

Step 2: Now attend to the printer monitor to print a “Quality Diagnostic Report”. to require “Print Test Page”, to assist you to detect print quality problems.

Step 3: And you ought to also remember to see printer ink levels to countercheck the ink volume in your cartridges to form sure it meets the specified standards.

Check the HP Printer cartridge

In the initiative, Remove and replace any cartridge if the ink is a smaller amount or empty.

Now ask the 123.hp.com  HP manual to see if the ink cartridges are properly installed or not.

Carefully remove the tape over the vent of the recently installed cartridge.

Check if the vents of the cartridges are clogged.

If there's a clog use a pin to wash up the vents.

If this doesn't work you'll use a different cartridge to ascertain your Printer is in a position to acknowledge it.

Check Your Print Head:

If still, your HP Printer won’t print in black even after you've got replaced it with new ink cartridges. Now you ought to undergo the user manual and follow the instructions given there to see the print heads. So, when it’s required then you ought to replace the print heads also.

If the solutions are given during this article don't resolve the matter s and your HP Printer still doesn't print in black then the simplest thing you ought to call the hp support number 1-800-673-8163 and invite additional technical assistance from the hp printer support team to repair the problem.




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