Games of India and other sports

Games of India and other sports can improve a person's overall growth. Games and sports emphasize intellectual and physical development.


Games of India and other sports can improve a person's overall growth. Games and sports emphasize intellectual and physical development. You can read the full article to learn more about Sports and Games of India and around the world.



A person can develop a team spirit through sports, and a problem-solving mindset towards life. Sport is a form of exercise. The following sports are popular around the world: Cricket, Football, Volleyball and Chess. Non-Olympic Sport and Olympic Sport are the two main categories of sports.

Games of India

India is home of many different game-playing populations. India has won numerous Olympic medals in sport. It is the home of many games, including Chess, Hockey, and Gilli Danda.


The ancient names for Chess are chaturanga or Shatranj. An archaeologist discovered the remains of this game around 1,500 years back. It's a board game that requires two players. The board measures 8 x 8. Each player has six sets of pieces, namely 1 King and 1 Queen. Checkmate is also known as shat Mat, which refers to the defeat of the King.

Games of india


Kho Kho was first developed in India in the 3rd Century. So, khokhokho is a tag game that dates back to the 3rd century in India. Each team contains 12 players. Nine of the players enter the field while others run along it. In a single line, players face opposite directions.

Games of India


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Polo can be played on horseback. It was popular from the 6th Century BC to the 1st century AD. Mughal emperor of India established modern polo in India's 115th century AD. The game's other name is "Sport of Kings". Polo was once played on the back of elephants. This is why it was known as "Elephant Polo".

Games of India

Snakes and ladders

Snakes and ladder are an ancient board game. You can have two or more players play the game simultaneously. The boards have N number ladders and snakes. Players must roll the dice to move to spaces ahead of their current position. The dice will show the number, and that number is how many spaces the player can move. If a player comes across a snake, he/she will proceed to the block that has snake's tail. A player who encounters a ladder will reach the block on the top of that ladder.

Games of India

World Games

World games are games that are recognized and played all over the globe. Badminton, Volleyball and Cricket are just a few examples of such games. These games are extremely popular and therefore are considered world games.


Football is an Olympic sports. Each 4 years, there is FIFA World Cup. Each team has 11 players. Bid against each other, two teams will be formed. The winning team with the most goals wins. Football is a 90 minute long game. It has two parts, each lasting 45 minutes. One half lasts 15 minutes.

Games of India


Cricket is a traditional bat-and-ball sport. The game of cricket is played worldwide by 125 nations. Each team has 11 members and two opposing teams. The coin flip decides whether you want to bat or throw the ball. There are several versions of cricket such as IPL or 20-20. Cricket is India's most-played and popular sport.

Games of India


Badminton is a sport that uses racquets. Badminton is played using racquets. There are two types of this sport, "singles", and "doubles". It is preferred to play singles, with only one person on each side. The shuttlecock is tossed across the net using racquets. The player with the greatest number of missed shots is called the winner.

Games of India

Solved Examples For You

Question 1. Who is the first Indian woman who has won a gold medal in the Asian Games?

  1. P. Usha
  2. Karnam Malleshwari
  3. Kamaljit Sandhu
  4. Sania Mirza

Answer: Kamaljit Sandhu

Question 2. Question 2.

  1. Chess
  2. Tennis
  3. Cricket
  4. Football

Answer: Cricket

Question 3. Question 3.

  1. Faster, Stronger, and Higher
  2. Braver, Faster and Higher
  3. Faster, Stronger, and Higher
  4. Faster and stronger, higher

Answer: Faster. Higher. Stronger

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