Tips to Help You Assemble Your Own Castle Bunk Bed

The first castle bunk bed I ever purchased was a set of twin bunk bed


My parents had these when I was a kid and I remember getting excited on a regular basis because one had two beds and the other one was a full bunk. I still have the set that my parents got me and it is now in my office. I still remember how the bunk beds were made and the ladder that would have to go up to reach either side. They were very flimsy, if I remember correctly they were made from a rather flimsy plastic.

Later on in life I did some research into custom kids beds and decided to get a folding bunk bed with stairs. My first thought was why not just get a twin bunk bed. After all, that seemed to be what I had in mind. The thought of having to climb up each side every time was not appealing. But when I looked at the price for the two different styles, I realized that a bunk bed with stairs was the better option for me.

I decided to go ahead and get myself a set of bunk beds and put them together. Before I put the sets together, I wanted to make sure that everything would fit correctly. So, I tackled the task with a pen and paper. Here are the steps I followed to put the sets together:

Make sure that the box springs are screwed on properly. Mine were not. They had small metal pieces sticking out of the bottom box spring. To fix this, I simply used some steel tape and put it on the outside of the box spring. This fixed the problem. However, you will probably need to tape both ends of the box springs down as well.

Next I decided to attach the drawers to the side of the custom made bunk beds. Again, I couldn't do this and needed some help. The instructions that came with my bunk beds were very helpful. Follow them exactly to make sure that the drawers will be properly attached. Also, you will probably want to make sure that they are lined up correctly so that the bed can be opened up completely.

After doing all of these things, it was time to screw the railings to the ceiling. Again, instructions were extremely helpful. Just remember to make sure your screws are screwed in tightly and that there is no space between the railings and the ceiling so that your bunk bed will be stable.

When your castle bunk bed is assembled, you should probably take it out and lay it on the floor. Use some towels to try and keep the bed clean. If you have an older child, be sure that they are watching this and not get any of the paint or wood chips on their beds. Hopefully, this will help them learn how to be a responsible kid.

Once your bunk bed is on the floor, it is time to assemble the drawers. Put the pieces together and then screw them all down. Make sure that the bottoms are screwed together firmly. Then, you can put the headboards back on. Hopefully, these instructions will help you get started building your own castle bunk bed. These are definitely a fun project to do with kids.

Remember that this was just a quick and easy project. If you mess it up, there is no need to call anyone to fix it for you. It is not rocket science, so make sure that you follow the directions exactly. Again, make sure that you take your time and pay attention to each part. These things can really become messy if you are not careful!

Now, you can begin to assemble your bunk bed and make it look like it was just bought from a store. Just make sure that all of the pieces are put together properly. Look over all of the pieces and be sure that they are all smooth and flat. This will give it that nice finish look that you are going for. Now, it's time to attach everything and make it look as if it just came right off of the rack.

Hopefully, this quick guide will help you with your custom made bunk beds uk. It may take a few hours or a day or two to put everything together, but it will be worth it in the end. Assemble your bed and look around at how easy it is. You should be very proud of your effort and the results. If you take your time and try to learn new techniques, you should be very happy with the final results. Make sure that you get some practice time before trying to assemble your own bed or take out your friends and have a friendly competition.