The history of extreme ironing

Extreme ironingOutdoor sport that combines danger and excitement.ExtremeSport with the satisfaction of a well-ironed shirt


Extreme ironingOutdoor sport that combines danger and excitement.ExtremeSport with the satisfaction of a well-ironed shirt

This may involve taking an iron with you to remote areas to iron clothes. For example, this could mean returning to the mountains on a difficult climb.Continue reading to find out more about this sport unlike any other.

Description and goals of extreme ironing

Extreme ironing, a dangerous sport that involves ironing clothes in extreme conditions, is a risky and adventurous activity. Participants take their ironing boards to remote areas. It is an outdoor activity that offers thrills and ends with the pure satisfaction of ironing a shirt without any wrinkles.

The media today has shown a willingness to cover extreme ironing events and ask whether it is a true sport.

Locations and times that are ideal for extreme ironing include:

  • A forest is

  • A canoe

  • Skiing in extreme cold conditions is possible

  • The bottom of an icecap

  • There are many other options.

Extreme ironing is possible individually or in groups. Participants must iron the fabric in extreme conditions. Participants will score higher if the conditions are less favorable.

Final match winner is the participant with the highest score. The judges will also evaluate the participants' creativity in ironing and the way they fold the clothes.

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Participants need to take into consideration the condition of their ironing board and iron. During certain competitions, prizes are offered for ironing boards and dresses that have been ironed the best.

History of extreme ironing

Tony Hiam introduced extreme ironing in 1980, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park near Settle, England.

Shaw started promoting the company with the name "Steam" in June 1999. This was done to make it easy for people to connect with Shaw on international tours.

The first Extreme Ironing World Championship took place in 2002. Twelve teams representing different countries competed to be the Extreme Ironing Champion. A documentary about the event was made and has gained much popularity.

Phil Shaw's book, Extreme Ironing, was published in 2003. It has been gaining popularity. Participants who had to return to harsh climates set many records in 2003. John Roberts, Ben Gibbons, and Christopher Allan Jowsey erected the Union Jack (the United Kingdom's national flag) at Everest base camp.

It was the first record at 5,440m above sea level. Groupe SEB of France organized the Rowenta Trophy in 2003.

In March 2008, 72 divers ironed their clothes simultaneously underwater to set a new world record. A team of 86 divers broke the record later in 2009.

The Dutch diving club Waterman officially established a new record for extreme underwater ironing on March 28th 2011. The task was completed by 173 divers in an indoor pool.

Extreme ironing has become a popular sport worldwide and is enjoyed by millions.

The world's greatest extreme ironing championships

The 2002 world championships were organized by the German extreme ironing group in Valley, near Munich. The individual event was won by the German Hot Pants, while the team event was won by the British Hot Pants.

The World Championships sparked the growth of extreme ironing. Many other countries, including Australia, Chile, Croatia and Chile, showed a passion for the sport.

How can you participate in extreme ironing

You may be asking, "How do I get started?" Look no further...

It is very easy, you only need an iron, a board, and some clothes. It is a good idea to start in your backyard before moving on to mountains, woods, and public places.

Keep in mind that the more extreme your needs are, the more you'll have to spend money on equipment. Get out there and iron your swings and roof.

It's important to remember that the iron must be extremely hot. It can be dangerous to iron underwater, and it can prove fatal.

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