Wall cladding with glass: beautiful, reliable and profitable within the Unit Glass online store

Today, a contemporary space is often created using familiar materials that are simply used and played up in an exceedingly new way within the interior. As an example, cladding walls and facades with glass partition dubai is an innovative design trend that a lot of have liked due to its uni


Today, a contemporary space is often created using familiar materials that are simply used and played up in an exceedingly new way within the interior. As an example, cladding walls and facades with glass partition dubai is an innovative design trend that a lot of have liked due to its uniqueness and practicality. Glass cladding is employed both in residential and public areas, because it may be a completely safe sort of design that may successfully highlight any space. This can be how facade cladding looks good when decorating buildings of shopping centers, banks and shops. The glass façade provides additional protection, is durable, easy to wash and doesn't require seasonal repairs. Facing the inside walls of homes and apartments with glass helps to visually expand the space and conceal wall defects. Manufacturers now offer not only a good range of glass applications within the interior, but also an outsized selection of glass processing, color and style. For instance, on the web site of the Glass Mirror online store all types of design options are presented: transparent and tinted, glossy and matte, with or without a pattern.


Facing with glass at affordable prices from the manufacturer "Glass Mirror"

Decorating walls with glass may be a fairly popular method that's actively used today within the interior; such a lot of manufacturers began to produce services for cladding walls and facades with glass. Our online store "Glass Mirror" won't only facilitate your create the premises of your dreams, but also make it reliable and safe thanks to the top quality of the materials used and also the professional work of our specialists. We provide glass wall cladding within the bathroom, hall, kitchen and other areas wherever you wish. For this we use tempered glass made in England, which might be ordered and decorated in keeping with your taste and requirements. The location contains samples of our work with photos and descriptions, current prices are indicated and there are reviews previous buyers. We are able to assist you in decorating walls in rooms of huge and tiny sizes, choosing the perfect fittings and glass design , installing lighting and making a free visualization of the finished project to present you the chance to work out the ultimate version and, if necessary, make adjustments to that.


Types of glass for cladding

Along with ordinary glass for finishing partitions, Glass Mirror produces special sorts of glass partition for shower:

  • Fireproof from several layers, stuffed with gel. Possesses high fire resistance, has several degrees of transparency. Doesn’t lose its properties from exposure to UV rays.
  • Triplex glass product of several layers with decorative plastic or fabric inters layers. It’s characterized by a high level of strength.
  • Curved glass for curved walls and partitions. Pre-hardened.

Where are you able to apply glass wall cladding?


Cladding of external walls of the building

Used by banks, restaurants, shops. Together with a Shower Enclosure dubai entrance lobby, it creates one high-tech ensemble; the utilization of glass showcases demonstrates the status of the institution. The employment of color film is a superb advertising platform, while the film quickly changes when the season of discounts for a replacement one ends.


Interior wall cladding

Designers and designers use glass as wall decoration in halls, living rooms, meeting rooms, swimming pools and other rooms, and there aren't any restrictions on the aim.

Shopping and entertainment establishments, business parks, fitness centers, restaurants, shops, country houses - this can be atiny low list of objects during which we work on glass wall cladding. The mixture of glass, wood, stainless-steel, backlighting reveal wide possibilities in wall design.


Facing the columns with glass

Columns are a very important a part of the inside, which is that the main focus in many projects. The full effect of the project as an entire depends on how the column is decorated. Therefore, the employment of Shower Enclosure dubai for finishing columns is very important, because glass is often favorably illuminated, placed thereon an intricate pattern, logo, bright decor.


Facing elevator portals with glass

The interiors of recent buildings are designed in such how those visitors to entertainment and business centers feel comfortable and comfortable, there's something to work out. At the identical time, expensive finishing materials and interesting compositions created by skilled designers are used.

Even while within the elevator, guests of the establishment can appreciate all the sweetness and rich decoration of the premises, due to the glass elevator shafts. Which, additionally to being transparent, also are reliable?


Advantages of glass cladding

The use of glass panels is that the most perfect, reliable and safe thanks to decorate walls. the most distinguishing features of those finishing materials are increased durability and environmental friendliness. Additionally, glass panels:

  • well mask assembly seams;
  • resistant to shock and damage;
  • retain their original appearance during the amount of operation;
  • have high wear resistance;
  • undemanding in care


Glass cladding cost

The prices for Shower Enclosure dubai cladding are made of the filling chosen by the customer and also the installation method determined by our engineer. For the assembly of panels, Lakobel glass is employed 4mm in a very big selection of colours (not tempered and also the most economical), Stemalit glass 6 and 8mm in any color of the RAL palette (tempered), transparent, tinted or frosted glass.

Installation is distributed on point mounts or glue. Glass with photo printing and sandblasting patterns is additionally widely used for the manufacture of facing panels. There are additional factors affecting the price of products (transport distance, amount of labor to order), which is why each order is discussed and calculated individually.

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