How to Fixmestick Factory Upgrade on Windows or Mac

If the malware outperforms your antivirus utility, or if you forgot to install protection, the consequences can be unpleasant. While not as common as data encryption ransomware, some ransomware programs disable your PC until you pay. In some cases, malicious malware can interfere with the


How Do You Start the Fixmestick From Bios?

The FixMeStick is a bootable USB stick. It allows you to boot directly from the BIOS before Windows does. This means that you can also use the FixMeStick if your Windows environment no longer starts up or keeps crashing. You are facing the fixmestick not working.

Step 1: Turn off your PC and connect the FixMeStick. Next, find the F12 key on the keyboard. Step 4: On the keyboard, press the DOWN arrow key until you select the FixMeStick. Then press the ENTER key.

Step 2: Turn on your PC and start pressing the F12 key every second until the boot menu appears. Can’t see the boot menu? Some PCs use a different key to launch the Boot menu. Turn off the PC by holding the power button for 5 seconds and try Step 2 again, using the F10 key, the Delete key, or the ESC key on your keyboard. For help finding the correct shortcut, see question 7 of this manual. The computer will now boot from the FixMeStick and not using your Windows operating system.

Step 3: In the boot menu, you will see the option FixMeStick or USB and other device names on your Computer.

The FixMeStick will connect to your local network, update itself, update the malware definitions and start the scan. The scan can take up to 3 hours, depending on the speed and number of files on your PC. Suppose the screen does not appear. Please perform a fixmestick factory upgrade.