Why I joined CrowdPoint

A brief overview of the problems that CrowdPoint Technologies want to solve and an explanation of why I joined.


When I first heard about a company that wanted to protect everyone’s personal data using cutting-edge technology, I was intrigued. But as I learnt more, I realized that they were about so much more.  

The current business model used by Big Tech companies is to collect all your personal information, track all your online browsing/purchases and then exploit this information for their own profit. This is known as surveillance capitalism. CrowdPoint want to introduce a much fairer, ethical business model that gives everyone the right to decide exactly how and when their data is used. Blockchain technology will ensure that your identity is always safeguarded and is only partly revealed on a need-to-know basis. In addition, if your shared data has value and generates revenue, CrowdPoint will profit-share with you. Put another way, people can now get paid for continuing to do what they are doing on a daily basis – that is a win for everyone!

But there’s more! CrowdPoint also want to create their own ecosystem by launching multiple exchanges, one for each industry, allowing high quality vetted products to be sold. By joining CrowdPoint as a reseller on their Advanced Medicine Exchange, they are providing me with training and a fully functioning online store to sell great health products and make a living. I now have the opportunity to become a tiny entrepreneur – a micropreneur. Not only are CrowdPoint giving me all the tools I need to start my online business, they are also leveraging the power of all their accumulated data with A.I. analytics to send a continuous stream of interested customers to my store. This means I don’t need to spend huge sums of money on advertising to drive traffic to my website, in the hope of finding interested customers. Can you see why I am so excited yet?

CrowdPoint is a company that wants to revolutionize the way that business is done, with a business philosophy that isn’t just about making money at all costs. It’s about respecting your God-given right to privacy and helping small businesses win using technology typically only reserved for large corporations.

The ongoing exploitation of your personal data by Big Tech companies for their own profit isn’t a future that I am interested in.

It’s time for change.

It’s time for CrowdPoint.