Fix Yahoo mail not working

Yahoo mail is a web-based email services (webmail) from Yahoo! — the largest email provider on the Internet that serves millions of users in the world currently. The main competitors of Yahoo! Mail include Hotmail, Gmail, and AIM Mail. From last many years yahoo providing best mailing se


These issues could be frustrating, especially when you are in urgent need to access your emails. There could be several reasons why yahoo mail not working sometimes. However, you can follow some simple troubleshooting techniques to get rid of the issue and ensure continued services from Yahoo Mail. Here, we will discuss why your yahoo mail not working.

Check out some effective troubleshooting tips to deal with the issue with solutions:-

  1. Mails that do not appear: This is very common problem for mail user. If you facing this problem check your internet speed.
  2. Connection problems: some time due to wrong username and password user facing this problem. This problem can be solved by resetting the password using the backup email address.
  3. Problems in sending or receiving emails: many time user facing problem in receiving and sending the emails because some email remain blocked for 24 or 36 hour periods and then all come in one block in the inbox.
  4. Faults with several buttons: if some buttons like delete, inbox etc. not display in your mail you just need to login again your yahoo mail.
  5. Mail server is not responding: if you find message that mail server not responding do not worry this problem automatically solve in after few minutes
  6. Forgot Yahoo password: if you lose your password , you can recover your password with "recover your password" option.

7.  Emails or contacts are missing: if delete some email and contacts by mistake go to contact button click on delete contact and restore the delete contact.


While the above-mentioned technique is useful in some cases, a few of them require you to change the email settings to solve your problem. In case the issue persists, you can try restarting the Yahoo Mail app, instead of restarting the device. If the above-mentioned pointers are ensured; however, you are still facing issues you can contact yahoo customer support. Who available 24*7 time for your help. If you want any information about yahoo sign in or login regarding then come to my site  yahoo mail  ,  yahoo mail login yahoo mail  sign in .