What 1,000 People Can Do With the Help of CrowdPoint and The Advanced Medicine Exchange

Providing natural products and services to promote a healthy lifestyle with the security of the blockchain.


God provided us with all kinds of natural remedies. As we evolved, we have forgotten that nature provides the most advanced medicines of all. My goal as a distributor in the Advanced Medicine Exchange is to provide my customers with natural, healthy products free of chemicals to advance their health. If you are ready to ditch the chemicals and find healthy alternatives, please check this out! We also value your identity and are here to protect it while you choose the best products we have sourced just for you. Let me show you how.

While shopping on the Advanced Medicine Exchange or any other Exchange in the CrowdPoint Ecosystem, your identity is safe through blockchain technology. When you purchase a product on the exchange, we will onboard you for free onto the blockchain where you will create your own decentralized ID. This means you are in control of who has access to each individual part of your personal information. We also value the information you provide to us, and we believe you should be compensated instead of large corporations, which monetize your information. We are here to give the power back to you, where it belongs and compensate you when it is used on our system!

To find out how you can become a distributor or reseller in the Crowdpoint Blockchain Ecosystem click this link.