Kindly find below the interview guidelines for the 2020 National Students’ Award.


                                                                                                                      20th July, 2020


Dear Nominee,

Kindly find below the interview guidelines for the 2020 National Students’ Award.


  • All nominees must have a CLIQAFRIQ account, because that is where the interview will be held.
  • Interviews will start on Monday, 20th July, 2020 and will last for two weeks.
  • On 20th July, nominees are required to post a detailed profile (achievements) on
  • The post in point 3) supra must include at least one picture of the nominee which could be used for the poster and other needed graphic designs.
  • Nominees are allowed to add photos and video evidence of achievements relating the award category in question.
  • To add a video, the nominee may have to post it first on youtube and add the link to the post in point 3) above.
  • Only one post will be regarded per nominee regardless of the number of categories so kindly take your time to prepare the post.
  • Nominees must add name and category or categories nominated to the post.
  • The Executive Council which is responsible for interviews will go through them one by one, and ask questions on the post, and nominees will answer in a chain of conversations. Which will be comments on the post.
  • If no question is asked on yours, then it means no one had a question about it and so it may be considered satisfactory.
  • The public is permitted to ask questions too, and nominee answers to those questions (if material) will also count.


Below is the criteria for awarding marks to nominees.

  1. Interviews 30% based on the requirements for each category as has been spelt in the NSA Handbook.
  2. Nominees general posts, likes and comments on CLIQAFRIQ 10%
  3. Voting 60% on CLIQVOTE (


Prince David Orchill

Chief Executive