Top 7 Destinations To Travel in Winter

There is an urban legend that states that winter is a season when you must stay at home, depressed and melancholic, watching how life seems to freeze through the window. Well, many people also said that Trump was not going to win, proving that most are not always right.


There is an urban legend that states that winter is a season when you must stay at home, depressed and melancholic, watching how life seems to freeze through the window. Well, many people also said that Trump was not going to win, proving that most are not always right. 

Traveling in winter has many advantages. You can get the best prices of the year since it is low season in practically all destinations; you will travel without crowds; And, in addition, many places in the world show you a very different face from the one they have the rest of the months of the year, being more beautiful than you had imagined.

Although during these months, many travelers prefer to flee from the low temperatures and look for warm destinations, others prefer to enjoy places that gain certain winter magic. If you find yourself among the latter, pack your coat, gloves, hats, earmuffs, scarf, and more, and get ready to travel to these ten wonderful winter destinations :


Prague, Czech Republic


Traveling in winter to a romantic city often intensifies the emotions you feel in it. Prague is a clear example of this theory. Few cities in Europe exude the majesty and beauty that exudes the capital of the Czech Republic. The gray waters of the Vltava River pass under the foundations of the famous Charles Bridge, reminding you that, although the bridge is the oldest in Prague - it has been linking the Lesser Town and the Old Town since the early 15th century - it is its waters that allowed life to flourish here.

A life that winter seems buried under the snow, but it does nothing to emerge stronger in the corners of the beautiful palaces and buildings that light up to serve as a beacon and warm shelter for the tourists. The Castle, the Clock Astronomical of the Old Town Hall, Wenceslas Square, St. Vitus Cathedral ... These are just some of the many monuments that will make you fall in love in Prague.


Lapland, Sweden

If you want to travel in winter to a remote place where the weather conditions are really cold, Lapland is the place you were looking for. Life in this part of the world passes in total harmony with nature. Fish in holes made in the ice, travel in dog sleds, go on a safari in search of the tough and strong elk, meet the brave people who inhabit these inhospitable lands and, if you have time and money, visit the Finnish area to know the place where Santa Claus lives.


Dublin, Ireland

Traveling to Dublin in winter is ideal because the warmth of the Irish is capable of melting even the coldest ice in the world. And if they don't succeed, the warmth of their pubs will, and although, monumentally speaking, the Irish capital cannot be considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, it is one of those with the most soul. People from dozens of different nationalities walk to work in the city center every day. Some pass by the mythical Trinity College, cross O'Connell Bridge, and admire the imposing facade of the GPO(General Post Office) which was bombed during the Irish uprising against the English in Easter 1916. Others take advantage of the free days to visit its mythical parks. St. Stephen's Green teems with tourists at any time of year, but in Merrion Square, the statue of Oscar Wilde remains pensive on the cold rock.

The famous Dublin writer would have liked to get up and go to one of the iconic pubs in the Temple Bar area. Warm-up, order a Guinness, and enjoy live Irish music. 


New York, United States

Who hasn't been comforted by watching one of those Christmas movies set in fully lit New York? Well, maybe a lot of people, but the truth is that the most filmed city in the world seems to dress up when winter arrives, the layer of white snow serves as a mirror to the many-colored lights that illuminate New York. 

And life in its streets is not that it does not stop, but that it multiplies. Central Park, the Bronx, Little Italy, Chinatown, Queens, the Greek restaurants of Astoria, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, the shops of Fifth Avenue ... Little ants covered in brightly colored coats seem to move without rest for all these Lugares. Patina ice, visiting museums - such as the MoMA or the Natural History - see musicals on Broadway, or attend a sporting event are just some of the many things that can offer you the travel to New York in winter.

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Reykjavik, Iceland

The Icelandic capital is a true ode to travel in winter. If you decide to go to Reykjavik at this time of year it is because you like the extreme, in this small city with squared streets almost nothing happens in the few hours of light that, during these months, it has every day. However, the pubs come alive every weekend. Reykjavik's bar parties are so famous that it has become one of the most famous places to host bachelor parties in the UK and the US If this plan doesn't excite you and you prefer to see the wildest winter, rent a good 4x4 and venture to explore the island. It will be an adventure that you will never forget. In addition, you will be able to see one of the most beautiful phenomena in the world: the Northern Lights.


Venice, Italy

Traveling in winter to northern Italy ensures a cold climate and a certain degree of melancholy, things that should not displease you too much if you have decided to read this article in which we recommend places to rejoice in the winter cold. A good destination for romantics, Venice is perhaps the only one on the list that can beat it. See the offer of flights to Venice. Palaces, bridges, squares, and small hidden places dot the canals of one of the most famous cities in the world. After walking in the intense cold through places such as St. Mark's Square, the Rialto Bridge, or the Palazzo Ducale, you will find your well-deserved reward by sipping wine under the dim candlelight in one of the many small and intimate bars and restaurants are hidden in the narrow Venetian streets. If you can match your dates and find accommodation, be sure to enjoy the possibility of saying goodbye to winter by living in one of the most famous carnivals in the world.


Berlin, Germany

For a few decades now, the German capital has become one of the trendiestcoolest, and most alternative cities in Europe: in winter, snowflakes slide down the windows of the grandiose Reichstag dome, next to the famous Brandenburg Gate. The street vendors of the famous Bratwurst sausages stoically endure the cold near Alexanderplatz, while the more bohemian ones head to the fashionable bars of the Kreuzberg district. History lovers will be able to remember one of the darkest stages of Europe and the world, visiting the Museum of the Topography of Terror, where the memory of the Nazi horror is kept. The winter silence falls on the monument to the Holocaust, creating an even greater solemnity than usual. Don't leave winter Berlin without going through Museum Island, one of the richest cultural spaces in Europe.


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