Merit scholarships: What they are and how they can help you

Merit scholarships give them the opportunity to prove their mettle and avail financial help to continue their education.


The most basic definition of merit-based scholarships is that they are funds which are awarded to high-performing students to aid their education further, financially. They are judged through fixed performance metrics and certain performance goals. Due to financial scarcity, many talented students either leave their dreams and settle for whatever they are getting in their limited resources. 

Here are a few benefits of merit scholarships

Merit scholarships give them the opportunity to prove their mettle and avail financial help to continue their education. There are countless merit-based scholarship offerings available to students pursuing higher education. For this reason, prospective students spend considerable time reviewing their options.

Why should You Apply for a Merit Scholarship?

  • Financial Help: With the rising cost of studying in a good school, not everyone can afford it. Many students find themselves under a huge debt burden at the end of their course due to massive education loans. Scholarships make your life simpler. Merit-based scholarships give them the opportunity to prove their mettle and avail financial help to continue their education.
  • Scholarships are not just about financial help:  Merit-based scholarship programs often offer mentoring from professionals from diverse industry backgrounds. They foster the exchange information and thoughts and improve the overall personality of the students. The body offering the scholarship organizes different workshops for the students for skill training, career seminars, interview preparation, etc.
  • Making Connections: When students receive scholarships, it opens them up to a wide range of networking opportunities. They become a part of an exclusive community which builds and grows together by exchanging information and helping each other.
  • Stepping-up the Confidence and Career of the Student:  These scholarships are not awarded to the financially weak but to the most deserving students. Winning a scholarship is a great deal of achievement for the student as it is through extensive competition. So, if a student’s resume features the winning of a scholarship, it means that the student is much above the average crowd. The employer would most likely choose a scholarship winner over the others as it demonstrates hardworking and a winning attitude.
  • Makes the Student Socially Conscious: Scholarship opportunities are specially designed to aid students of merit. Make students more empathetic and sensitive to the social problems of the world. When they grow up, they often become socially responsible leaders who aim to give back to society.

Unlike need-based scholarships, financial constraints or requirements are not taken into consideration when awarding merit-based scholarships.

Merit scholarships are typically awarded on the basis of academic, athletic or artistic merit, in addition to special interests. Some merit scholarships also consider financial need, but rewarding talent is the primary objective. So, find your interests and hobbies and look for avenues to excel in them. It doesn’t have to be academics, you can pursue fashion, art, music, dance, or any other special interest. This skill will set you apart from the crowd. But before applying, ensure that you have national/international certificates and a comprehensive portfolio which you can send with your application. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee you will win a scholarship. Luckily, there are ways to increase your chances. So, work hard and let that show in your application.