What are the requirements for component layout in SMT chip processing

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In SMT pcb assembly manufacturer patch processing, there are requirements for the layout of components. A reasonable layout plan will play a role in the process of processing and production. If the layout problem does not consider the actual processing conditions, it will cause certain problems in production, and The layout requirements of different processing methods are different.

The layout requirements of SMT chip components.
1. Replaceable and adjustable components. If you encounter components and parts that need to be replaced frequently or adjusted, you need to consider the characteristics and requirements of the entire machine and place it in a position that is easy to replace.

2. In the mounting process of temperature-sensitive components, if you encounter temperature-sensitive components, be sure to stay away from heating components, such as transistors, integrated circuits, electrolytic capacitors, etc., and stay away from high-power components and radiators And high-power resistors.

3. Arrangement direction In the actual processing of SMT chip processing, the arrangement direction of the chip components is also required. Try to keep the same direction and the characteristic direction should be consistent, which is convenient for subsequent mounting, welding and testing, especially The number of components must be printed in the same direction.

4. The heat capacity of high-quality SMD multilayer PCB components with balanced distribution will be larger than general components during the process of reflow soldering, which will cause local temperature differences or even virtual soldering problems. Keep the distribution balanced during SMT chip processing. In this way, this kind of problem can be avoided, and the balance of the circuit board can also be maintained.

5. Heating components When different components come into contact with each other, it will affect other components, such as heating components, which are generally placed in corners and ventilated positions to facilitate heat dissipation. The heating element must be supported by other leads or supports, and the surface of the printed circuit board must be kept at a certain distance, and the minimum should not be less than 2mm, otherwise it will affect the quality of the circuit board.