The mechanic will have a place in the Path of Exile

Somehow, the Path of Exile was at its best and worst at the same time.


Somehow, the Path of Exile was at its best and worst at the same time. In each league, as Grinding Gear Games added the previous league mechanics to the core game, the situation became more swollen. But the experience for new players is unprecedented. I recommend buying some POE Currency before entering Wraeclast.

Ultimatum League mechanics feel like Ritual 2.0 in many ways. In any case, the point is that, just like some previous mechanics, Ultimatum  traps the player in groups, and waves of monsters enter. Ultimatum is carried out round after round, and each round becomes more and more difficult. In theory, it provides better rewards every time. If one fails at any time, the reward will be forfeited. People can also buy some POE currency at

Compared with the reward mechanism, this is a big risk because it provides players with many choices. Participants not only choose whether to continue to the next round, but also choose which negative influences to exert on each new round. Some effects have little effect on a particular version, while others should be avoided altogether. There are 3 choices in each round, and one person is expected to make an ultimatum, they can complete and get Path of Exile Currency from it, but this is not always the case. The number of rounds seems to be random, although the upper limit increases as the game progresses.

As usual, there is another boss to fight: the presiding judge himself. He feels at a loss in every ultimatum, and usually puts pressure on everyone because of digging or failure. If not, he may be frustrated with your success. In general, his personality is one of the highlights of the league itself. This mechanic will be added to the list of core mechanics again. Although I hate this expansion, I am very happy that he will have a place in the Path of Exile for the foreseeable future.