LaMelo Ball newly joined the NBA 2K20 auction house for sale

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The most unpleasant thing for players is that they cannot use NBA 2K20 MT in the latest version of NBA 2K to buy NBA 2020 rookie players. Now many players can understand why the game team has been slow to update the content about rookie players. Because of the influence of COVID-19, many games have to delay their work schedules, and 2K is no exception.

Many players stumbled on the auction house when they played 2K on Thursday and quietly listed the MyTeam version of the top player LaMelo Ball and some other players. What shocked the players was that the price of the player card was very high and even exceeded the budget of many players.

They can spend 15000 VC or 17250 2K20 MT to buy various player cards in the NEXT series. Players can also buy these attractive player cards in the auction house. The only bad thing is that the price of the player's card in the auction will change with the bidding degree of other players. So as of Thursday afternoon, the price of the Galaxy Opal LaMelo Ball has risen to 1.5 million NBA 2K20 MT.

The release of Zion Williamson GO card stimulated those who had long wanted to buy him. The NBA 2K package is undoubtedly selling well because of his fierceness. Many players who have gradually lost interest in 2K have also returned to the 2K world because of his arrival. One thing to note is that only MyTeam players are eligible to use him for competitions. MyLeague and MyGM players can still check the latest rookie players’ specific information in the official announcement.

Players are very pleased that 2K can still provide such fun content for players in such a severe period. Since LaMelo Ball and Zion Williamson’s GO cards are very expensive, most players choose to go to a safe and inexpensive agent to Buy 2K20 MT to save money. NBA 2K team continues to push more fun content for players!