Path of Exile: Harvest expansion is finally released on PC

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Path of Exile players can now stop crossing their fingers. The latest extended version of the game has been released without any major issues. Last Friday, Path of Exile: The harvest was released on PC, which is one of the most ambitious expansions of long-running dungeon crawlers to date.

For Path of Exile fans who may have missed the news, Harvest is centered on a new NPC called Oshabi, who is responsible for guiding players to take care of the sacred garden. Players must bypass the small island of Wraeclast in search of the seeds planted in the holy tree to increase contact with monsters and collect POE Currency and their vitality. This idea fuses Path of Exile’s unique dungeon style with city builders, more similar to “Simulation City” or “City: Skyline”. The end result is some exciting new arts and crafts, so far I have not seen anything in the game.

"One of the favorite aspects of the Harvest League is its production system," Chris Wilson from Grinding Gear Games "We do tend to design a production system that is more powerful and easier than ever Useful and unique. We can’t wait to see how Path of Exile players push the potential of Harvest’s powerful production to the limit.”

This latest update has a lot of content. In addition to the Harvest Challenge League and the increase in handicrafts, players can also look forward to a complete renovation of the passive tree, major overhaul of the game's Warcry, Brand, and Slam skills, adjustment of balance, and integration of the game's Delirium League into the entire game.

At the end of Grinding Gear, there are concerns that the harvesting will be delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but it appears that they have reached their scheduled release on June 19. If you want to know more about the latest expansion, please check the latest news at IGGM, you can also buy very cheap POE Orbs at, please enjoy it!