How To Practice With Freebowler Cricket Ball Machine

Once you get your hands on the Freebowler we have no doubt that you will be incredibly excited to get started.

Once you get your hands on the Freebowler we have no doubt that you will be incredibly excited to get started. And while we know you’re going to enjoy your new bowling machine, there are a few tips that we would like to share with you to help you get the most value out of your Freebowler bowling machine.

Follow the setup instructions

It is important that you read the instructions carefully before setting up your Freebowler. Once you’ve read through, follow the steps to set up and use your machine. Following the instructions will ensure you have the best experience using the machine with best results. Remember the machine will be firing cricket balls at speeds of 75+ mph so it’s important to understand it properly and set it up correctly.

Give yourself time to get used to the machine

Like anything else that you’re new to, your Freebowler cricket bowling machine will take some getting used to. That means it will likely take several training sessions before you are able to figure out all the variations. Once you keep at it your game will improve over time.

General care instructions

Remember your bowling machine is a piece of mechanical equipment. That means it’s important to keep it clean and avoid rust by keeping it away from moisture. It is also a good idea to check the nuts and bolts periodically to ensure they are secure and tighten when loose. This will ensure the machine stays in tact and doesn’t come apart with use.

General Operating Tips

There are a few general guidelines that are important to follow when practicing with the Freebowler.

  • Keep your foot down on the foot pedal at all times during operation.
  • Don't go close to the machine while it is in operation, especially the front. Always operate from behind. 
  • Look out for pinch points when folding or transporting it.
  • Calibrate the settings before a batsman takes a strike. 
  • Follow the necessary safety protocols in terms of wearing the appropriate sports protective gear. 
  • To keep the machine stable, place a small sandbag on the front of the machine. This will act as a stabilizer or a vibration dampener that absorbs the shocks and prevents the machine from lifting during operation. This will guarantee consistency and reduce movement. 
  • Make sure all four feet of the machine are level and in contact with the ground. If the ground is uneven feet can be adjusted to facilitate this but at all times all the feet must be in contact with the ground.
  • Tap the machine at the back for realignment after each ball throw and calibrate it with the orientation, direction, and angle of the throwing arm to maintain consistency.

By following these steps we are confident that you will experience great results and improvement in your batting with the Freebowler bowling machine.