Path of Exile: Harvest changed the two-handed weapon is the brand, the voice of war

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"Grinding Gear Games" explained the balance of the game in detail in Path of Exile: Harvest, including the remake of two-handed weapons and slow attacks, wars, branding, etc.

"In "Path of Exile: Harvest," we focus most of our balance on branding, warfare, and two-handed weapons. Since Delirium became the core, we also took advantage of the opportunity to balance clustered jewelry and its performance in POE Orbs They wrote that we have been working hard to improve the slow-handed two-handed weapons by comprehensively improving these investment options."

Two-handed weapons are being loved by people and reoccupying the top of the power meter, while retaining the risks associated with using them in Path of Exile. A slow and heavy blow will now cause enough damage to stun the most powerful boss, regardless of the stun mechanism.

Path of Exile's two-handed melee arsenal has been basically readjusted to provide ideal base damage for almost all types of players. These changes complement the passive skill tree, which provides strength and practicality, such as Tribal Fury or increased total life recovery rate per second. The skills aimed at using two-handed weapons have also been improved. Sunder, Static Strike and Tectonic Slam have the highest rework rates, but the values ​​in other places have changed a lot.

Path of Exile's brands are becoming more and more annoying because they allow a tedious but very effective way of playing, where the dead are everywhere. GGG wrote: "When the enemies connected to it are killed, the brand will fall to its original or recalled position. This prevents them from being repeatedly restrained by the player and killing monsters who have not yet had a chance to meet the player." In addition, the "brand recall" no longer refreshes the duration of the brand, it has a longer cooling time and a lower recovery value for each level of cooling time.

Now, Warcries are more powerful, but they use longer, cool down longer, and are no longer shared between Warcries. Path of Exile: Harvest adds more Warcry passive clusters for cooling recovery, faster use time, use multiple Warcry, etc.

The developer wrote: "The purpose of these changes is to make "Sound of War" have a greater impact on the battle, and to bear the huge rewards for the adventure to stagnate and use the ability when surrounded." You can detailed on the official website Learn about Path of Exile: the changes you have made. You can also purchase the POE Currency you need on the IGGM website, which is a very convenient option.