What NBA 2K22 Should Change From 2K21

What NBA 2K22 Should Change From 2K21


Multiplayer has not received much enjoy in the latest NBA 2K games, and microtransactions have made it even worse. Players have a choice to either grind the Story Mode to boost their character, or pay to instantly be better than their opponents. Getting rid of microtransactions completely is a welcome improvement to 2K22, even if it's unlikely due to how much cash 2K Games can make from them. Multiplayer can be improved with less immersion in the game. The thought of loading up a real park and waiting in line to NBA 2K21 MT play games is adorable but not practical. There are lengthy barriers for somebody who just needs to play a game with friends. There's also a giant obstacle in the kind of lag and latency that will need improvements. Some attention to the multiplayer system could keep the fanbase happy just playing with friends.

2K Games has generated some stellar NBA 2K games in the past, but critics are always quick to point out the perceived carelessness that's gone into making new games. Maybe this is the year the show changes up the formula before it's too late. The developers at 2K have had lots of time to experiment using next-gen capabilities. Hopefully, they can make decent use of new technology and require some new steps together with NBA 2K22.

And, since both downloads are fairly similar to one another, we've decided to squeeze both versions of the patch notes into one pole.

MyTeam exploits are getting patched across the board, alongside a couple of likeness updates that are included for good measure. The patch notes arrive courtesy of their hottest Courtside Report website posts.

To put it differently, despite the sheer girth of those NBA 2K21 upgrades, the current- and - next-gen versions of this game aren't changing very much now. It surely helps to get player likenesses upgraded for accurate simulation functions, but there's not much here that many community members would consider gameplay-defining. The MyTeam adjustments are alright as well, however, when there are so many other obvious flaws that could stand to be patched in both variations of the game, it's somewhat insulting to Buy MT 2K21 see that Visual Concepts is able to quickly run out fixes for a mode so strongly concentrated on paid microtransactions rather than