Introduction to Runescape Archaeology Skills

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After waiting for the next Runescape skill for four years, fans are finally excited about reaching archaeological skills and expansion on March 30.

As the name suggests, the 28th skill will make you an architect, where you will dig deep into multiple excavation sites in Gielinor and discover ancient artifacts that can release energy privileges, stimulate epinephrine and unlimited operations And get the right amount of RS3 Gold. It will also focus on new storylines, revealing the world of ancient deities, as well as proficient skill armor and weird children's mummies.

Freelancers do not have to worry, because archaeology is not an elite skill, and after playing for about two hours, the level cap can be increased to 20. If you are a paid member and are passionate about playing games, you can pulverize it. Level 120, such as "Dungeon Warrior", "Inventor" and "Killer".

That's not all, because this is only part of the expansion, and it will bring five new, undisclosed locations for you to browse. If you want to learn quickly, Jagex can provide you with a secure trading website, or you can Buy OSRS Gold on