Sales support tools: the guide to optimizing your strategy

In most cases, this involves presenting the launch of a new product or communicating about a particular event such as the opening of POS system with inventory management.


Business strategy refers to the technologies, processes and content that enable teams to sell more efficiently and quickly. The use of sales support tools is essential to the success of a business, especially in the age of social networks. Indeed, sales support tools, and in particular digital tools, set them apart from their competitors by offering original and unifying content.

The sales support tools correspond to all the means available to sales representatives to support prospects during the three phases of the purchasing decision process: the attraction phase, the interaction phase and the phase conversion. They allow salespeople to improve their performance by increasing their conversion rate.

Sales support tools in the attraction phase

Getting the attention of prospects is one of the most difficult things to do today. Indeed, the tools made available to salespeople are more and more numerous and the prospect, more and more autonomous in his decision-making process. Faced with a need, he quickly has the opportunity to learn, compare and choose a product by doing a simple search on the Internet. It is therefore necessary for a company to increase its visibility while offering relevant content for its target. There are specific tools for this.

The website

The website is a relatively essential tool for communicating with prospects. Whether it is an e-commerce site, an online training platform or a showcase site, it is generally here that the first contact with the prospect is made.

When a potential customer searches for information about a product or service, they usually go to the Internet, type their query into the search engine and visit the first result (s) offered.

This is why it is very important for a business that its website is well positioned. Indeed, 89% of online consumers base their purchasing decision on SERP results. The click-through rate on the first result is 34.4% and drops drastically from the second.

So do not hesitate to spend time "pampering" your website, regularly drinking relevant blog articles and looking after SEO to be well referenced.

Social networks

Social selling uses social networks to communicate with prospects in order to trigger an act of purchase. The must-haves are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

As potential customers may not be present on all of these networks, the first step is to select the ones on which they are most active. You have to create valuable content by offering solutions or advice that address their issues.

These networks offer many tools such as photos, videos or even stories to attract attention and develop a community. So do not hesitate to use it.

The survey

The survey is a very meaningful tool for prospects and relatively accessible for businesses. In addition to being inexpensive, online survey solutions provide quick results and target large numbers of respondents.

Knowing that 95% of your customers are satisfied with your product, for example, is a great selling point for a business. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have integrated this functionality into their platform.

The press release

The aim of the press release is to share information or a message with the greatest number of journalists, influencers or social media. In most cases, this involves presenting the launch of a new product or communicating about a particular event such as the opening of POS system with inventory management. If it is broadcast at the right time, it will benefit from wide media coverage and will be strongly relayed by the audience.

Sales support tools in the interaction phase

During this step, the prospect has identified his problem and is looking for the most relevant solution to answer it. It is then necessary to arouse his interest so that he commits by requesting an appointment, additional information or a demonstration of the product. Now is the time for the company to bring out its best weapons: it will not only be necessary to build a relationship of trust with the prospect, but also to feed them regularly.


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