RuneScape now offers benefits to Twitch Prime players

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If you own Twitch Prime and are a RuneScape player, then it’s time to try purple. Jagex announced that RuneScape players with Twitch Prime service are eligible for various rewards, including premium currency packages that include 200 RuneCoins, 15 Treasure Hunter keys, and 40 Hearts of Ice and OSRS Gold.

Of course, the rewards are much more than that. This is a four-month transaction that starts when someone connects to their account, which means that new content is available every month. In the first month, Twitch Prime subscribers obtained the above items. In the second month, they will receive a 14-day RuneScape and Old School free membership. The third month is about cosmetics, so you have to stay at least this long to get purple. Also, the fourth month is almost a sought-after bag. People who persist for so long will get three shadow boxes with random items.

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