Sbcglobal Email Settings Basic Guidelines

How To Add & Setup SBCGlobal Mail On MS Outlook App 2021


SBCGlobal email  is an advanced email service that is managed and controlled by ATT. SBCglobal mail is among many email services that are currently being utilized by people all around the world. Having options is always great, but at times, these choices can make things confusing for the people. SBCGlobal email is packed with amazing features, but it is difficult for user to change starting with one email account to another. The most suitable thing that they can do is, to Add SBCGlobal Email in Outlook APP or configure SBCGlobal email account with Microsoft Outlook.

If you too are using SBCGlobal email, and are looking to set it up in MS Outlook, then you will have to find certain information to make the procedure simpler.

  • Email customer with the addresses of incoming and outgoing mail servers.
  • Connection settings for the incoming and outgoing mail servers. 

When ATT Corp acquired SBCGlobal a few years ago, the location of the servers also got changed. It's not www SBCglobal net any longer, but it has changed to AT If you have added '' already, then that won't work now. Your MS Outlook email should speak with ATT servers to access new emails in your mailbox and convey your emails to the correct recipients.

How to Configure Email on Outlook - Sbcglobal Email Settings


  • To add email to outlook 365, The first thing that you have to do is open Microsoft Outlook. Once the email account is opened, select 'Document' tab followed by clicking 'add account' button, as that will run 'Add Account Setup'.
  • email settings for outlook: You have to pick 'additional server types' or 'manual setup' followed by clicking 'Next'. Select 'IMAP' or 'POP' on the 'Pick Service' page, and after that, click 'Next'.
  • Type in your name and SBCGlobal email login address in the correct fields pursued by choosing 'POP3' from the 'account type' drop-down menu.
  • Type '' in the incoming mail server field.
  • When it comes to outgoing mail server field, you need to enter ''.
  • You have to re-enter your SBCGlobal email address into username field followed by composing your SBCGlobal email password in the password field.
  • There is a button named 'more settings' that you have to click followed by choosing 'outgoing server' field. Then, you should check the choice named 'my outgoing server (SMTP) requires verification'.
  • Now, you should choose to select 'advanced' tab after which, 'this server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)'. It's time to enter a port number into the 'incoming server field', ie, '995'.
  • In the 'Outgoing server field', enter '465'. After this, you will see a drop-down menu named 'utilize the following type of encrypted connection' in where you should have to choose 'SSL'.
  • Click 'OK' followed by clicking 'Next' so as to configure the mailbox. When you do that, click 'finish' followed by clicking 'near' to get out of the setup wizard. There aren't any progressions to make in SBCGlobal email.

This was the process of setting up SBCGlobal on MS Outlook. If you have followed the steps in the correct way, yet the email has not been configured properly, then take assist of email experts as they can help you with the procedure of configuration of SBCGlobal email on Microsoft Outlook.