Penalties for Missing Your Annual Fire Safety Report!



If your business is based in Sydney, you must get an annual fire safety report. These fire safety reports are designed to ensure that your staff, customers, and business premises remain safe and secure.

As such, fire safety assessors need to be brought in at least annually to check your current protocols, schedules, and equipment. Moreover, if you alter your business buildings in any way, you’ll also need to get professional support to check that all changes are fire safety compliant with Sydney’s regulations. Fortunately, teams such as ours here at 2020 Fire Protection are on hand to help your business stay compliant – and there can be penalties for missing the deadlines. These penalties can be considerable in size, so it’s always worth getting your fire checks done with plenty of time to spare.


Penalties for Missing your Annual Fire Safety Report Deadlines!

If you miss your annual fire safety report deadlines, you could be liable for financial penalties. The penalty for missing the deadline increases weekly, starting at $1000 for a report that’s a week late. The payment will increase by $1000 each week until 4 weeks, when you will be liable for a $4000 fine.

If you don’t submit your annual fire safety report on time, your business may also be at risk of legal proceedings in the Land and Environment Court. The value of these legal proceedings and fines are far more substantial at up to $110,000. So, it is always vital that you get your fire safety reports made and submitted on time.

Fortunately, the City of Sydney sends out courtesy reminder letters to business owners. With that being said, the law does not require the City of Sydney to do this, and in some cases, these reminders may not turn up. As such, all business owners need to be aware of when their next annual fire report is due!


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