Best Reputation Repair Strategy:

We follow and encourage our clients to follow particular steps and strategies when it comes to enhancing or repairing their online reputations.


We follow and encourage our clients to follow particular steps and strategies when it comes to enhancing or repairing their online reputations.

The needs, obstacles, and objectives vary with every situation. However, the best route to true online reputation repair is through the process of:

Building an optimized foundation

Removing any negative content you control

Establishing credibility an audience

Targeting growth opportunities

We are so thorough in our repair strategy because we know that reputation repair is more than just suppressing the negatives. While negative suppression is a part of reputation repair, this is a chance to build, establish and maintain an online presence that increases your earning potential, professional opportunities, and even personal connections.

While the process of reputation repair is ongoing, there are certain markers to pay attention to.

Build an optimized foundation

During the first phase, we suggest that you build properties. By “properties” we mean high-quality social media profiles and a professional-looking website. These should work together to create a robust image of who you are, what you’ve done, where you’re going in your career, and how you can be of service to others.

A good online foundation that you can build on

We’ve written extensively on how to build and optimize social media profiles. Here is an example.

Each profile should be fully optimized to rank well for your name and help you repair your online reputation. As you devote your time to these profiles and sites, make sure that they are updated regularly with relevant information.

You also need to engage with other users on these different platforms regularly. From here you should monitor the progress and upkeep of these profiles and sites while keeping an eye on the progress of any other negative or irrelevant content out there about you.

Remove or deindex any damaging content you can

Once you’ve built or optimized the best social media profiles for you, and devoted some time to developing your own personal website, you need to focus on deleting, unpublishing or otherwise taking down any of this content that is damaging your reputation.

We’ve written volumes about dealing with negative search results. We even developed a new feature in our software that lets you hook up your Facebook and Twitter accounts then look up your online reputation score and scan for damaging content

70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates

And some scenarios are easier to deal with than others. For example, removing a photo that you posted of yourself ten years ago where you did a kegstand is easier than say petitioning the removal of an SEC filing against you. However, the rules vary depending on where you are, and the type of negative content that you’re dealing with.

Establish credibility an audience

Once you’ve created a strong foundation and gotten rid of all the negative content that you can, you must look towards establishing yourself as credible and build an audience. Building an audience requires that you demonstrate your expertise. This demands qualifications like degrees, years of experience, and other licensing certifications, but also active engagement in your field today.

Establish your credibility by developing a rapport with influencers, gatekeepers and other thought leaders within your industry. Publish your content on respected platforms, and team up with relevant publishers.