What Is Scalp Micropigmentation? Benefits & Treatment

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SMP is a complex nonsurgical method that includes placing microdots less than 1 mm in size by using pigments using pins, which form an image of hairs. This method consists of standard or electrically operated needles, including the pigment jots in the skin surface below the dermal-epidermal joint. These scalp micropigmentation are held by dermal macrophages cells and fibroblasts cells which make them stay forever. It can also be related to the scalp's tattooing to reflect the hairs and hair tattoo.

Kinds Of Scalp Micropigmentation 

There are broadly 2 types of scalp micropigmentation, comprising:

  1. Permanent scalp micropigmentation: This method involves permanently inking the injured area using colors to cover the leftover scars, ensued by FUT and FUE method. The pigment is preferred, which befits your natural hair color, which gives a beautiful look. The effects of scalp micropigmentation remain enduring, and you might see a slight change in the depth of color. When you see the normal fading, you can come again for recoloring the pigmented patches or a touch-up.
  2. Temporary scalp micropigmentation: Temporary scalp micropigmentation is notified when you want to try the glance before getting it stable. If you need to alter the look, you can get it changed once the colors fade off. The pigments are shed off over time by the passive system. The rate of its extraction ranges from person to person, which may take months to years.

Who can be profited from SMP?

Hair loss victims want to keep crew cut hairstyles like army groups, sportspeople, athletes, etc. If they go for a hair transplant and need to keep the hairstyles after the method. It would make the scars visible either with the FUT technique or the FUE method. Therefore, for these characters, scalp micropigmentation followed by FUT or FUE method is a good idea to cover the visible marks.

Advantages Of Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation has many benefits, including:

  • It is a nonsurgical method that is not yelled with any aftercare.
  • It does not need any support.
  • No physical recovery is needed.
  • Not very costly

Are there any Risks Included In this Method?

Ideally, it is a nonsurgical method. Thus, no vital risk or problems are linked with the way.

Still, few problems could happen after scalp micropigmentation:

  • The patient can undergo some redness in the distinct area at the place of the direction of pigment.
  • An allergic effect could occur if the victim is allergic to the pigment.
  • Infection could happen if the methods used are not adequately purified.


Therefore, it is smart to get this method done by a famous and trusted clinic that fits cleanliness and safety measures.
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