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An app is a great fit for schools using Google for Education, and both students and teachers can sign in with their Google credentials. Schools can investigate and adopt new EdTech solutions that enrich our pedagogical and curriculum design while still understanding that there is no substitute for the real-life interaction between a teacher and pupil, or, indeed, between peers. Students will succeed in just about any classroom with any teacher. Then there are the more resistant learners who need a push with every step they take. Regardless of the motivation level, there are sound practices cited in educational literature that can reach all types of students, capture their attention, and motivate them to learn. There are a number of benefits to parent involvement including students exhibiting more positive attitudes and behaviors. It is important that students believe that what they are learning is valuable and important to their future goals. Educators must examine academic content and find ways to infuse the development of career and technical studies into it. School website designs continuously change, by keeping your content and images refreshed your website can always look new. We’re here to support you, remember we add new features and updates in the ‘What’s New’ page to the schools’ CMS area, and provide a free annual DfE compliance check to all our customers.

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Parents and teachers can easily chat about their child's performance and keep track of attendance through a mobile app. Plus, the push notification lets parents know about the homework assigned for each subject. Make it easy for parents to become involved and invested in their child’s education by choosing simple, intuitive technology solutions to communicate and share achievements. A mobile first strategy makes information easy to access by parents, and importantly, simpler to manage for admin staff. Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and E-Portfolios offer a number of in-class benefits. VLEs are online resources that allow students to access coursework, submit assignments and communicate with teachers. E-Portfolios are simpler programs used to post and access existing assignments. Effortless whole school communication can be made reality by including Homework App and all other applications in one app.

A Personalised Experience

We know that parental involvement tends to diminish as children get older, it is unclear whether this is due to parenting and family issues, to a different ethos or structural factors in secondary schools, or a combination of both. With audience sizes limited — by personal choice or district decree — some schools have begun live casting school events over the web. As a result, they’ve reached new audiences beyond likely attendees. Distant families and friends are able to watch kids participate in sporting events, musical and theater productions, robotics tournaments and the like. School apps can provide parents with the information they need to understand the key aspects of school life and curriculum that affect the progress of their children. With some school mobile apps, students are able to follow the lesson on their own devices at their own pace or teachers can lead a synchronized session where students can follow the lesson in real-time. Regarding daily operations, parents (and their children) are no longer satisfied to wait for the end of a grading period to learn about any lack of progress. As the public schools create rules about the length of time allowed to retake a test or turn in homework, real-time communication of grades, calendars, and assignments becomes a necessary part of the school day. Schools can bring all their communication into one place with Websites For Schools today.

Regular communication helps parents feel they can contribute to the classroom. You may find parents decide to support this learning through their own excursions and conversations, a fantastic and beneficial outcome. All parents are contactable via the school app, even if they don’t have it downloaded. This means no one misses out and feels isolated. Learning profiles provide a snapshot of a student’s strengths, weaknesses, motivation levels, and interests. Teens gain insight and self-knowledge — the first step toward taking control of and responsibility for their own learning. Parents look to schools to make sense of what will help their children the most. Edtech can provide the tools for communication, include the family in the learning process, and create extended learning opportunities. Choosing when you contact parents is often just as important as the platform you choose to contact them on. When it comes to emergency messaging, you often don’t have a choice as they’re, by nature, time-sensitive. Schools that use producs like Online School Payments have an advantage over other schools.

Paperless Communications

For many schools considering making the move to a school communication app, the benefits of an app are clear: less paper wastage, more efficient administration and reliable, unified communication to parents. Mobile apps can improve their verbal fluency and their communicative skills. Pinterest is a great social media platform for teachers to use to prepare and organize resources, lesson plans and worksheets for their classes in one place. Create boards according to class or subject, and create sub-topic boards for weekly units or all worksheets. With a school communication app, parents can scroll through all after school clubs the school offers and book with a touch of a button. Too often teens get into trouble when they do not have the understanding or ability to monitor or adjust their behaviors in certain social situations. Working with teens on identifying social cues and rules can bring awareness and necessary adaptations of behaviors. A service such as Parents Evening System simplifies the life of a school administrator.

Young people transition from childhood to adulthood, strategic bridge building in the form of healthy and productive relationships is needed to bolster the journey. While this is true for all students, it is especially critical for students who are disadvantaged, are having difficulties, or are unmotivated in school. You need to make sure the school app you choose comes with friendly and helpful customer support teams. Remember, it’s not just school staff who can make contact with the app support team, it’s your parents as well, and you want your parents to have a positive experience. Teachers can use Twitter to post reminders for assignment due dates or share inspirational quotes and helpful links to practice quizzes or resources. Get supplementary intel about Websites for Schools on this Encyclopedia.com web page.

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