New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins - 4/30/20 Madden 20 Sim NFL Pick, Odds, and Prediction

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The Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets met in the AFC Eastern Division matchup in a Madden 20 NFL simulation game on Thursday afternoon. Click here to bet on this NFL Sim game.

After losing to Detroit 39-36 in the last game, the Miami Dolphins will try to rebound from back-to-back simulated errors. Devante Parker leads Miami with an overall score of 84, including 91 speeds and 91 accelerations, while Albert Wilson is at 91 speeds and accelerations in another wide receiver position Lead with a total score of 76. Ryan Fitzpatrick topped the QB game in Miami, but the overall score was only 74. On the defensive end, three of Miami ’s four players with 80 points or more are in a secondary position. Harvey Howard and Archie Talib are ranked 82 and 81 respectively. Howard has 92 speed and 92 acceleration, while Tali The cloth has 91 speed and 91 agility. Reshad Jones ranked 82nd overall with strong safety at 86 speed and 89 acceleration. Games and competitions always have floating rankings, but MUT Coins can help you maintain a good ranking, because with it, you are a superstar!

The New York Jets emerged from the strong performance against the Denver Broncos on Wednesday night. Levon Bell led the New York offense with 88 points, including 89 speed, 92 acceleration and 95 agility as well as 88 moves and 91 jumps. Robby Anderson (Robby Anderson) led the Jets with a total reception of 84, capturing a total of 91, and Sam Darnold (Sam Darnold) was named New York's first QB total, reaching 74. On the defensive side, Jamal Adams leads the jet with a total score of 92, with 95 power and 92 area coverage as well as 91 speed and 90 acceleration. The Jets also have C.J. Mosley and Avery Williamson's 85 overall rated midfield guards. They have an acceleration of 89, Mosley has 91 steals, and Williamson has 86 blocks.

The Dolphins have shown in some of the simulation games that they have a promising lineup, but these are still simulation games, and everyone has good games again and again. The key to scoring is the strong lineup, Buy MUT Coins is your best choice. On the other hand, the Jets easily scored 33 points against the Broncos in the first half. Although the Jets may come here sluggishly and have little momentum in these simulation games, I would prefer Jets It can be taken to the offensive end, enough to win the cover of this approaching selection game. I will explain the significance of the jet here.