Animal Crossing’s ‘kicking out ugly villagers’ phenomenon

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When Jessica G. first saw the eccentric gorilla Cesar in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, she was shocked by his low voice. I used to play with her characters with high voice, so I did not expect the ape named after this emperor to be like this. It was not until he turned around that she really began to feel uncomfortable.

"His orange ass fell all over," she told Polygon.

Jessica has played Animal Crossing games before, but she never thought of getting rid of that person because of a person's appearance. But since Cesar, the situation has changed, and she hopes to drive him off the island one day. Jessica wants to keep a healthy combination of different personality types on her island.

So why not do it? Animal Crossing Bells make it easier than ever as you can move, swap and find new animal crossing characters during different iterations of the life simulator.

If you have an amiibo card or toy, you can scan it into "New Horizons" and use them to persuade your residents to move out. The new "Mystery Island" feature allows you to explore areas that sometimes contain recruitable characters, which also encourages a culture of "finding" your favorite characters rather than adapting to the solutions provided by New Horizons.

Rebecca said: "Now, I can carefully plan every inch of land on the island, make my own plan, and express my views through urban planning." Buy Animal Crossing Bells can provide you with more tools or equipment It saves the time you need to plan the land.

This idea seems to be widely spread among fans of "Animal Crossing". On TikTok, this idyllic game has nearly 2 billion views, and a common content format is for players to record their reactions as they jump into Mysterious Island. When the player finds a cute character, there will be a joyful scream.

But these clips often show fans from one island to another, only to find "unpopular" that does not meet their standards. Sometimes, when fans follow villagers they think are particularly "ugly", they will turn around and immediately jump back to the seaplane.