NBA 2K20 Free to Play Throughout All Star Weekend

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In case you haven't gotten the opportunity to play with NBA 2K20, Allstar Weekend is the ideal time to do so! 2K has declared that NBA 2K20 will be free to play for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate associates from February 13th to February 16th. An choice to obtain a standard variant of the NBA 2K21 MT game is readily available for those who choose to keep it after the promotion ends.

67% over the Microsoft and Playstation store for the duration of All Star Weekend also discount appreciably Rates. The standard edition of the game dropped from $59.99 to $19.79, while the legends and deluxe variant clock at $26.39 and $32.99 respectively. With also the celebrity game, and attractions like the dunk competition, NBA basketball is guaranteed to be a hot topic for another 4 days. Players may even combine the festivities from NBA 2K20!

Play Now mode offers the chance to play the Allstar Game set to take place as Team Lebron or Team Giannis. The game offers three point competition and the dunk contest, though just playable through GM style and myCareer style. As the only game in town, NBA 2K20 is broadly the go for simulation basketball. Any progress will proceed into the version that is paid if users do decide to keep it.

Largely regarded as deteriorating since the only real competition, NBA Live's passing, 2K likely expects to earn some fantastic will from the community with this move. Fans observe coverage on NBC and NBA TV, and Can Watch the matches on ESPN and TNT. Follow 2k on Twitter for upgrades on NBA 2K20 and promotions related to All Star Weekend.

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