Canon-mg2520 Wireless Setup Connection Guide

How to Connect Canon-mg2520 with WiFi | Canon-mg2520 Wireless Setup


Are you looking for help on how to  Connect Canon-mg2520 to WiFi Router Modem? Do not worry we are here to help you to suggest the steps for Connect Canon-mg2520 to WiFi Router Modem.You can come across various issues while using a computer, it’s absolutely fine. My team will be helping you out with everything. Don’t worry about this we’ll help you in every possible way. Below are the steps for Canon Pixma mg2520 Wireless Setup.

How to Connect Canon-mg2520 Printer to WiFi 

  • Press the power button to turn on your printer.
  • Press the Settings button. Then press the arrow button and once you go to Device settings, press OK
  • Press the arrow button until you see LAN Settings, press OK.
  • Press the arrow button until you go to wireless LAN setup, press OK. The printer will start searching for WiFi network, in the meanwhile, the light will be blinking.
  • If the searching process takes too long, you can press Stop, and it’ll go to wireless LAN setup, standard setup. Press OK.
  • Press the arrow button until you find your WiFi network, and then press OK.
  • Enter your password for the WiFi and press OK.
  • Press OK again once the screen says Connected.

Connect Canon-mg2520 printer Wireless Setup with Network

  • Make sure printer is turned on.
  • Press and hold the WiFi button and release it when the WiFi lamp flashes.
  • Press the Black button.
  • The ON lamp flashes and the WiFi lamp lights.
  • Press the WiFi button repeatedly until the direct lamp lights.
  • Press the Colour button or the Black button to finalize selection.

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