Is International Baccalaureate (IB) the way of the future?

One thing that pandemic has taught us all is alteration with time is the best life practice.


Post the pandemic period, things have transitioned to another level for the people globally. The most significant transformation could be seen in the ways of teaching employed by the educational institutes. The age-old conventional methods implemented inside the classrooms are no longer applicable in the current scenario and demand a curriculum and training that prepares a child to meet the international prospects. 

One thing that pandemic has taught us all is alteration with time is the best life practice. That’s why parents have made their peace with the idea that an international curriculum would help their child learn life skills along with core values and academic qualifications. Parents are on the lookout to indulge their children in more contemporary educational means, especially the ex-pats who are planning to move to a new country and want their child to shift from the traditional education. Hence, they believe in the competency of the ibdp curriculum

What is IB (International Baccalaureate) Curriculum?

The IBDP Curriculum aims to develop an individual that looks beyond the conventional, pre-designed models of education. It is an internationally accredited study program in schools for students from 3-19 years of age. It aims to integrate teaching core subjects like mathematics, history, science, etc., with life-developing skills. The pedagogy design is learner-centered that grooms a child to exist amongst multi-cultural experiences seamlessly. 

The International Baccalaureate program was introduced in Indian universities in the 1980s. Since then, the Indian education system has acknowledged the plausibility of shifting towards an international curriculum. However, familiarising the students in the upper school level with the IB curriculum was a pretty recent event. 

Benefits of Studying in the best IB Schools in Dubai

The best ib schools in Dubai are focused not only to educate a child but help their intellect become more robust and capable by various means and techniques such as:

  • They impart in the students the zeal to inquire and explore by looking deep into the existing methods. It follows the two most crucial curriculum: TOK (theory of knowledge) and Extended essays providing a child with the space to develop independent research skills. 

  • International schools in Dubai design an IBDP curriculum that promotes practical learning skills in a child. They introduce subjects such as law, philosophy, psychology, which are different from the conventional courses. It grooms them to conform to university-level education successfully. 

  • An IB school would encourage students to form links between what they have learned and how it is similar to a real-life scenario? It is the best way to learn something, giving a child the freedom to comprehend concepts according to their experience, aptitude, and competency. 

  • The international curriculum tends to bring out a dynamic personality within a child, focusing on learning by reflecting and executing their methods to understand it. 

  • A child is prepared to co-exist amongst multiple cultures by teaching them languages of their choice and helping them overcome the cultural barrier. 

Is IB Curriculum the next educational future?

IB Curriculum supports the statement to develop a child who makes the world a better place with their knowledge, social understanding, and emotional intelligence. Indian parents feel motivated to indulge their child in an international curriculum to step into a global university. There is a diverse scope for students to grow in terms of monetary benefits and personal development.

There are still many schools that are following the A-level educational curriculum instead of IB. IB schools have recently proposed scrapping the examination process and grade students based on their coursework. It might seem an unconventional option, but it seems the only practical option in the wake of the pandemic. IB curriculum is the next best academic framework that contributes to the holistic development of the students and makes them globally competent.