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“It’s not the gift the matters, it’s the feelings associated with the gift that makes it even more special!”. In an ideal world, that would be true but not in this world! Yes, feelings and emotions are cool, but if your friend is expecting you to buy him an XBOX 360 and you get him a collage you made with your own hands, how do you think he would feel? :-P  

Do you too feel enormous pressure on yourself while deciding what to give as a gift to your friend? If that is the case, then fear not, because we are here to help you decide on a birthday gift for your friend!

  1. Remember past conversations

It’s just like Game of Thrones – somewhere before, during casual conversations, there was a hint that your friend had given regarding what he/she would want the most. If you can remember it, then there is no longer anything more to worry about. If that thing falls in your budget, waste no more time and go and buy it immediately!

  1. Take into consideration his interests/hobbies

One of the most important aspects of choosing a gift is to consider his interests and hobbies. If your friend loves music, you can probably get him a musical instrument. If he loves to cook food, then you can get him a book that contains the recipes of the most exotic dishes that he could never have imagined. If your friend is one of those who loves surprises, then throw him a surprise party! There are a lot of places to celebrate a birthday in Delhi that can host such a party!

  1. Make it thoughtful and Unique

It is the value attached to the gift that makes the present even more special and memorable. If you get him tickets to the concert of his favorite band, then he will surely be very touched! Remember, thoughtful need not necessarily be an expensive one. Even birthday party decorations done perfectly can be a great gift! Gift something that your friend will cherish. Instead of buying some product or an item you can think of buying your friend that has a repeat value. Buy him a gift card/ voucher for his favorite restaurant or buy him a couple of tickets for a movie at IMAX. Think different.

  1. Keep the age in mind

It’s important to keep the age of your friend in mind for the right gift. As we get older our likes, interests, and needs change over time. If you are above 40, naturally you won’t be excited about things you were attracted to in your early 20s. It’s important to buy the present that your friend will like and not because you like it.

  1. Remember your Budget

Most important thing is to have a good idea of your budget for buying the present. When you have a clear idea of the amount you can afford to spend, it helps in narrowing down the choices you have in order to choose the right birthday present. Not all expensive gifts have to be the good ones, but the ‘right’ ones are.

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