WoW Classic: The championship season actually got the hardcore mode

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In the past week, Dataminers has made an exciting discovery that points to a hardcore variant of the first season of the World of Warcraft Classic Championship. Now, Blizzard developers have confirmed through the latest version of the "Classic Fresh" beta that such a hardcore model will appear.

The developer wrote in detail in the patch notes: The guardians of the high elves have appeared in Ironforge and Undercity looking for those who are ready to endure the "Soul of Iron". In fact, you can already talk to NPCs on the beta server. For example, the chronicler Mota is in the pharmacist near the herbalist.

He wanted to tell the story of undefeated heroes. From the heroes who walked their own path uninterrupted from the first step to the last step, they have a steel soul. Of course, Morta asked if we were willing to go this way. Once we confirm this request, we will celebrate this challenge with an expression and an iron-colored halo. In addition, we also get the buff effect of "Soul of Iron", which signifies that we have entered the hardcore mode, and the ability of "Soul of Iron", through which we can bend a little bit again and again.

However, the optional hardcore mode is not really hardcore yet. Once a character dies from the "Soul of Iron" buff, his steel soul will fall from him. But he can be resurrected normally. In this case, he is "only" released from the above-mentioned buff and bears the debuff "Defiled Soul" brand, which reduces all values ​​by 1% (obviously it will not stack due to further death).

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